University of Canterbury Students Association Repeat of Cancelled Executive Elections 2015 Blog 27

Blog # 27 University of Canterbury Students Association Executive Election of Officers Number 2 ????
Day one after nomination being accepted by Candidate “No Nukes” and a bit of candidate profile mixed in
Exciting as day one.
A. Nearly got beaten up and arrested, got an apology from the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party and List MP Andrew Little, attended the partially attended candidates briefing and afterwards was again approached from behind and had a succinct discussion with President “two pay packets” Ms S Platt and so far have four confirmed votes.
Let’s start with the “nearly got beaten up and arrested” part. As a year one and year three Law student one needs to test the law to ensure it is robust. Have some experience in the environment court, Sea level rise, global warning etc. So when I heard there was a “lock down” on campus. I spotted the boys in black heavily guarding the C block complex. So took a few photos wandered up the lane straight into the cordoned off area and entered the building unopposed or unchallenged if you like. Wandered around for a while took a few photos considering what to do next. Then it all happened. I heard the pitter patter of feet from behind and thought this is it as I stood there with heavily loaded back pack and large Botswanan satchel and braced myself to be thrown to the floor with a dozen or more Armed offenders squad members jumping on top of me bending my arm up my back (again), handcuffed, pepper sprayed and having a dozen or so Glock pistols pointed at me as well as another unknown number of black intimidating laser emitting Armalite rifles being pointed at me as well. Expecting to be searched and thrown in the back of the paddy wagon and off to the nearest police station top face the wrath of the Judiciary. Hoping not to get Judge Neave again as he has accused me of bringing a “gun” to his court before. The hairs on the back of my neck were raised in fear and anticipation of the pain and detainment that was about to befall me. So I turned around expecting to put up my arms in the surrender position and claim a Writ of Habeas Corpus and instead of heavy armed members of the Armed offenders Squad with red lasers pointed all over my torso there stood Doris all 42 kilograms of her, no rifle, no Glock, no handcuffs, no screaming get down on the floor put your hands behind your neck etc tasked with the role of finding out what I was doing inside the heavily secured cordon on behalf of the A O S. Though might be able to take her out quickly and make a run for it but then remembered she had back up aplenty and any commotion would make things worse. I did think of making a run for the men’s thinking she would not enter that male sanctuary. In hindsight thought should have put my back pack down in the middle of the floor and ran out yelling “suspicious package” and headed to the safety of the Foundry. With further hindsight wished I had had a bomb. A stink bomb that would have got the attention of the senior officers in lecture hall C1. Elvis would not have been the only one leaving the building. Upon leaving the building I did ask the assembled black attired heavily armed boys in black that were they aware that they all had just witnessed someone whom had entered this heavily cordoned off area. I trust they would have included this incident in the debrief but who knows.

B. No repeated met the candidate’s opportunity for this election for other than the Presidential candidates and this disappointedly includes the finance candidates whom last time could not tell us how much money the U C S A had. We need to find out how much of the recent $550 million pay-out form I A G was for the Foundry, 62% of which is owned by you the UCSA membership. If elected I would have put up a list of current UCSA bank account balances for all members to see on the wall at the UCSA reception by noon Wednesdays. Transparency is important to regain the trust of the membership. Please remember the current executive could not muster enough members to turn up to the last Half AGM to change the constitution despite offering free lunches. This money and it will be many millions of dollars must be put into a UCSA bank account and urgently.

C. The reapplying candidates have had two weeks of campaigning for the cancelled election and now they have the advantage of being afforded another two weeks campaigning. So they get four weeks publicity and the 4 new candidates get two weeks. Unfair and unnecessary. Dirty politics all over again.
D The returning Officer has been asked to get another legal opinion but hasn’t got back to me yet This relates to the issues in his inbox. He has refused to extend the nomination period sadly.
E What I like about University of Canterbury I can get in 6 runs at Mt Hutt and still make my one o’clock lecture
F Pet hate. Snowboarders They sit on the chairlift listening to music not meeting new people like the hordes of our Australian tourists at Mt Hutt and then when they get to the top of the chairlift they have to sit down for a rest or something and get in the way of us real mountain types. Get your own mountains.
G Vehicle 4WD Toyota Hilux Surf Great for hunting and fishing. Whilst on the subject of Huntsoc. A formal expression of concern in accordance with the Constitutions of both the UCSA and Huntsoc has not been responded to by the existing Executive of UCSA. This is another breach of the UCSA Constitution. It related to the ongoing prevalence of a drug at the Huntsoc meetings. These persons have firearms licences and are acting irresponsibly. Good time to commence the debate about access to the Conservation Estate given the increasing number of tourists needing to know it is safe and they don’t have to worry about being scoped and shot at by irresponsible youth, including Huntsoc members, with high powered rifles.
H Best place and country visited Savuti Channel, Chobe National Park, Botswana. Imagine waking up in the morning with a pride of lions equidistant from your tent to the bush toilet and having them chasing Zebras around your tent repeatedly in the night. As a friend of mine says if you are not living on the edge you are taking up to much room.
I Occupation Self-employed Quantity Surveyor/Mediator/Arbitrator/Contractor and Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor
J Favourite jobs. Working with John Cleese for a week on a Monty Python film and guiding and driving tourists around Europe at high speed and Africa at slow speed.
K There have already been a number of irregularities and to President “two pay packets” I ask if I can produce a legal opinion that states this second attempt at an election is “invalid” would you resign then? The other candidates are of course expected to comment and wade into the political fray.
L Some of the candidates aren’t even here so I cant even walk up to them and ask them a question or two
M If elected would use the first second pay-packet to purchase a baby changing table for the solo parents whom expressed concern to me about the lack of this facility.
N The oft heard concern is that the international students want to “party with Kiwis” and this needs to be addressed. So a good way to get involved would be to join Maorisoc as they are putting on a Hangi soon and need volunteers to help. Good way of learning about Maoridom and this wonderful cooking method Get to meet people prepare food and then eat and party.
O As to political correctness. Gone too far at U C. This recent supposed Ensoc issue. The supposed independent chair of the meet the candidates meeting during the first election when asked to clarify his question in relation to Ensoc by one of the candidates blankly refused. This gentleman has been asked via the offices of his employers to stay out of this election. With the limited knowledge I have it looks like the University have bullied the Engineering Society. Bullying is not tolerated at education institutes anymore. If elected there would be a fancy dress day with huge cash prizes and I ask all the Ensoc members to wear there Ensoc emblazoned regalia/attire on the second day back after break Please. The following if elected fancy dress day will be called a “Section 14 of the Bill of Rights Day” Followed by a pissup at the temporary Foundry. The current executive have hung Ensoc out to dry
P The state verses the church has long been debated. My view is that this University is a state owned, paid for and run education institute. As to the role of the various churches at U C. Please go into the James Hight library and ask at the librarians at the counter to view some religious texts. You will find you are being directed to the Fiction (google that word please) part of the library. As to the Virgin Mary having a baby boy. Yeah Right. I do invite those of the religious persuasions to join the debate. As we have many construction opportunities commencing including the Foundry Complex I invite the various religions on campus to join the debate and tell all of us if you feel that by the University of Canterbury has discriminated against you by not providing places to meet and pray. Do you feel it is appropriate to have the call to pray sounded out on this state owned and operated University of Canterbury campus at the times you are normally called to prayer?
Q The current executive have had approaches and offers of help from the N Z University of Students Association but don’t return calls or answer emails. UCSA is in need of help and all the voters need to know this help is available and being refused. We are out on a limb conducting our second election and our executive are refusing to show all 12,000 members the legal opinion they claim to have but wont let us candidates see it either so we can comment on it We don’t even know who issued it IF AT ALL. You other candidates should be asking for this possible/supposed opinion too but are you complicit in this situation?
R Lawsoc should be screaming out for this possible/ perhaps/ unsighted/ from an unknown source/ possibly doesn’t exist opinion so you can show you have an opinion. What is the point of being a Lawyer if you don’t have an opinion? On the subject of the recent Lawsoc elections. The Lawsoc executive formally and repeatedly refused to provide candidate details and positions sought for. However the incumbent executive who were putting themselves forward for re-election were privy to this information. That enabled these very few people to see what positions were being contested, in what strength and those positions for which no applications had been received for. So if you really wanted to get on unopposed as an existing executive member then all you had to do is look at the information the executive has and were withholding from the balance of the membership i.e the majority and nominate accordingly. The appalling part of this is that the voters were not permitted to question the candidates simply because we did not know who they were. When I discovered this situation I emailed the members of the existing executive as these names were known and got a range of responses. Some of the responses in relation to honesty were different from what you would find in most dictionaries. So armed with this information I attended the AGM and not one of the candidates would take questions from the voters. Some of these now elected candidates could well be members of the Klu Klux Clan and were protected by the executive from voter questioning by the sitting, in full view executive. One of whom was extremely extremely fortunate enough to get elected unopposed . Other candidates comments encouraged please.
S There are no provisions for scrutineers to be able to watch the votes being counted in the second UCSA Executive elections. This is shocking. The returning Returning Officer who is responsible for the returns cannot be trusted. I encourage as many as possible to vote at the UCSA offices and take a photo of the voting paper so you can turn up after voting closes and ask where your vote was recorded. Don’t be fobbed off. Get hard.
T Abortion. My view on the U C counsellors telling female students who get up the duff at university to proceed with an abortion is that the first phone call should be to the father and then to both sets of parents. It should not be up to a Crown owned entity like U C to get involved in this at all. This would enable the new father to put two hundy a week in his budget for child support. Please send this candidate day 1 update to your parents and grandparents and see whether or not they want to be involved in the decision as to whether or not they want to be grandparents and great grandparents?
U Normal place of residence Ohope Beach in the Eastern Bay of Plenty
V Next set of footsteps from behind belonged to outgoing U C S A President “two pay packets” Discussions in the past have led to misunderstandings and she advised she had emailed me as a result of her phoning me on Wednesday and upon checking this email has not been received by me. What I can say is that I spoke to the President at “O” week on Ilam field and told her that a previous election had had candidates on the voting papers that were not registered in accordance with the election requirements and received votes despite telling the then Returning officer and the then UCSA President then that these irregularities existed. Plus I left a note for the successful Presidential candidate about this. WOFTAM. There is a formal question with our President about her overdue resignation and the Vice President has a formal request in his possession to take over. Someone loan Luke a laptop please.
W I will advocate for the earthquake repairs to be commenced to the ADULT student’s room and have tea, coffee and a fridge etc facilities installed now that we have been kicked out of our normal child friendly accommodation by U C
X The speech by the leader of my Parliamentary wing of the New Zealand of the N Z Labour Party Mr Andrew Little was well attended and the received apology was received with joy. The frank discussion afterwards between us was just that frank. Had hoped he would make a substantial campaign contribution but not forthcoming was Andrew.
Z If elected the ponderous consultants will be given 5 working days to call for expressions of interest from suitably experienced demolition contractors to get rid of the old foundry. It is obvious it is in the way of progress. It does not take 8 years to demolish and replace a two storeyed building.
That’s it for day one voters UC Student 86829284 E & O E
Gordon J Dickson AAMINZ
Any responses can be dropped off at UCSA Reception thank you
It is your future please get out and vote for your own future

University of Canterbury Students Association Second 2015 Executive Election #26

University of Canterbury Students Association whose second 2015 Executive election for which nominations opened yesterday are refusing to make formally requested Nomination forms available and by doing so are bringing the name of the Students Association into further disrepute. People are laughing at the Executive. This is again embarrassing. The contact details of the Returning Officer are being withheld. This means this election is irregular already and therefore the executive should seek another legal opinion to see if this election is invalid already and should be cancelled too. Please remember the Executive headed by “President two pay packets” is refusing to make available the supposed legal opinion that they are relying on to cancel the last election. The members of the Students Association all 12,000 of us cannot say for sure if such a legal opinion exists because we cannot see it. The is an Official Information Act request with the University of Canterbury about this possible ” legal”  opinion but there are already irregularities as to how that is being dealt with. Soon we can have our third election Perhaps a fourth or fifth?

University of Canterbury Students Association and Lawsoc Elections #25

The President, All members of the Executive and all the members of the Otago University Students Association
I am intending to apply to come to “OU” next year
Here at the University of Canterbury where I am a first year student our Student’s Association elections have been cancelled, the Association’s President known as “President two pay packets”, supposedly speaking for the Executive, claims to have a legal opinion justifying this appalling decision and despite having been asked for it formally has refused to make it available to the 12,000 members of the Association or the candidates for whom voting had already commenced. The Returning Officer and fourth year U C Law and Commerce student refuses to comment and does not answer correspondence sent to him on Facebook on the UCSA page or by email and even when reminded at the first of the two debates still fails to pen to paper or fingers to the key board. The access to both UCSA Notice Board and the UC Accom page is not available to all voters although that is where the debate commenced. There are allegations of racism, allegations of a “firearm” being on campus, Huntsoc have been asked to hold their meetings either 25% drug free or 50% drug free or 75 % drug free. NZ Mountain Safety Council are refusing to comment on this dangerous Health and Safety issue. Huntsocs response is for a Society member to contact the fellow member of the society by email, although they provide the addresses, is a breach of privacy of the Huntsoc member. This view is supported by the outgoing UCSA executive
There are at least 10 reasons why the voting should have never commenced in the first place. This happened in the 2011 UCSA elections also. The Association is being economical with the truth and the Vice President refuses to comment on the failure of the President and won’t take over the Presidential role until the elections are held again. This second election date is not known either. The Human Rights Commissioner will respond in detail soon.
In fact we do not know if such a legal opinion exists. The names of the provider, if it exists, has been withheld from the members also. Could well be from the U C Law faculty who overinvolved themselves in the election and showed repeated examples of bias despite being formally told twice to leave the student elections to the students. A fracas on the stage during the Presidential election debate was narrowly avoided. Imagine your law lecturer lecturing class nursing a sore and reddened nose and wearing a “shiner”!
Part of my plans to come to “Dunnas” was to create some employment including some part time work for me and some “scarfies”. I invested over $10,000 in this attempt. So if you are upstairs in the Law Library and look seawards out the window at a nearby factory run by Australian directors you are, or should I say were, looking at a likely source of employment. Even much more important now with the failure of the dairy fraternity to monitor the actions of their directors and the dozens of Fonterra’s millionaire employees. Might as well put the Taieri Plains on Ebay and then the”Cockies” can lament alongside and milk the very same cows they used to own for an overseas owner. Plus accelerate the environmental degradation damage to the once clean Taieri River. When the management & directors of this factory at “51 Forth Street” failed to reply to my attempts to create employment I went to the Allied Press’s local newspaper the Otago Daily Times which proved to be a “WOFTAM” (Waste Of F’in Time and Money) From that you can conclude that although the directors are happy to take their fees from the community they are not committed to cover attempts to create employment in the Otago region. Let alone send a reporter to Forth Street.

Finally I can confirm we have another election this week at U C already surrounded in controversy and should be reheld at a later date. The names of the candidates for the U C Lawsoc elections are being withheld from the voters and members by the outgoing, although the voters are not sure, Lawsoc Executive. The Lawsoc Executive are also refusing to tell the candidates that this most basic of information is being requested of them and therefore is being withheld from the voters until after the commencement of the AGM. Some students have lectures and tutorials and no proxy votes exist even if we did know the name of the candidates which we don’t, Anonymous and faceless and how do we know they even exist if they don’t have a name or gender or race or religious persuasion etc This is U C!

My questions of O U Lawsoc are
1 If and when you have elections will you make the names of the candidates available if asked before the opening time of the AGM?
2 Would it make any difference if there were incumbent members re applying to be elected?
3 Does your constitution allow firstly you to announce the names and secondly to make available the contact details of the candidates?
4 Do you see it as an advocacy role to make sure the names and statements of the candidates are promoted to the voters?
“No Nukes” UC Student 86829284 and Voteless 16/8/2015
Some considerable more reading on the elections and the University Council and the Law Faculty are available at

University of Canterbury Student Association Executive Elections Updated 14/8/15 Blog # 24.

University of Canterbury Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand 14/8/2015
A student and voters perspective of the UC Students Association Executive  Elections currently underway and the University of Canterbury including the Council.
1 The UCSA Executive election Returning Officer is refusing to supply contact details of the Presidential candidates for comment on the continuing voting irregularities.
2 He is refusing to allow scrutineering of the election.
3 The outgoing President of the UCSA Ms S Platt known as “President two pay packets” has been asked to resign and the Vice President has been asked to take over. The President refuses to resign and the Vice President Luke Gillespie refuses to comment.
4 The Student magazine “Canta” that has again been allowed to be printed and circulated only contains the details of one of the Presidential candidates The disadvantaged candidate has failed to comment. They acknowledge they are mates.
5 The Full Council of the University are aware of this and although recently criticising the Engineering Society they can be seen by their negligence to be complicit in the latest debacle involving the repeated allegations of racism on campus. They falsely advertise their meeting venue and neither the minutes nor the agenda on their website. So  as student I was directed to the wrong venue and had no minutes of agenda neither
6 It has taken months to finally have the opportunity to view the University’s Health and Safety Policy believing in the first instance, that the now known to be called “Operators” of the various halls of residence, Campus Living Villages (N Z ) Ltd, had their own Health and Safety Policy. Because they don’t answer correspondence then one never knew. My letter to all directors both here and Sydney is dated “1/6/2015” Not one of the 3 Directors has proved to be literate and two of them live here in Christchurch. One has a role in the direction of Canterbury rugby I believe. The proper authorities describe the issue I am trying to research as “the possibility of ignition from the element is very real”. Dated “27/5/2015” Additional information is sought and awaited. You parents with children in these halls of residence should be getting motivated about now. What does it take for a Kiwi parent to get motivated? A call from the hospital to advise you your offspring and student at U C is in hospital with third degree burns and not expected to survive? If you want more of this then get the “USCA Notice Board” and the “UC Accom” Facebook pages back open to all and contacting the three Directors of Campus Living Villages (N Z) Ltd would be a good start. Again the UCSA with its advertised “Advocacy” role should be available but is not. Council is complicit in this also.
7 The Alumni are a disgrace after having lost their voting rights to the “Court of Convocation” (was a new one to me to) and therefore have no real input into the Council anymore. Nincompoops
8 Correspondence to the Council members must also be sent to their workplaces to avoid the age old phrase of “if only I had known sooner I could have done something” This includes a former Taieri High School student and now District Court Judge Colin Docherty and possibly high profile lawyers, a CTU representative as well.
9 The UCSA cannot take issues achieved as a result of student input and then by resolution by UCSA Executive to the full Council and come back with information as the President is bound by secrecy as the Council meeting is held for most part with the “Public excluded”. The minutes are incomplete and inaccurate, they are not recorded digitally and the staff report recently, which included the word, well it is pointed and goes bang, was false, miniscule and accepted without question by the Council of around 14 persons.
10 One of the numerously titled Councillors Mr J Woods is refusing to address issues of “conflict of interest” but it is known he receives two pay packets and what would be the point of talking to this QSM etc. when you do not know which pay-packet he is speaking from. He should resign while the Minister of Tertiary Education M P Hon Stephen Joyce, well known for abandoning his office and his at least six Port Folios to swan around Northland offering election bribes to try and keep, in a failed attempt to retain which is now Winston’s seat, safe. He would only appoint another stool Pidgeon on Council.
11 Senior law staff acting as the Chair for the two UCSA election debates, despite being formally ask after the first lecture along with the head of the Law School Christopher Gallavan, to stop showing bias in favour of one candidate to the disadvantage of the others still proceeded the very next day and dominated the question time when there were more serious issue to be discussed like the racism allegations. Do the candidates support the reestablishment of the Rugby League team, better facilities for solo parents on campus including better baby/child facilities? Difficult to criticise my own lecturer but the truth is best out to avoid even more unsatisfactory repetition and observed bias. This learned Chairperson even tolerated a specifically aimed question to the clear advantage of one candidate in the presidential debate by the very gentleman whose task it was to act as an “Independent” observer and recorder of the election called “ICE”.
12 The real risk here is if any of the unknown numbers of students who attempted to vote yesterday and could not then they are unlikely to vote again and they therefore do not have their vote recorded . They have made a reasonable attempt and that is unacceptable Or well should be but this is U C. One should not have to vote twice or more to have your vote recorded.
13 The voting for the UCSA elections commenced yesterday and at least one candidate to his credit has raised the issue of not all students are able to vote on an equal basis. See Facebook page for candidate Evans
14 The Human Rights commissioner has acknowledged the expressions of concern raised with his office
15 The initial election debate that started on the UCSA Notice Board Facebook page has been curtailed by an unknown person as has the UC Accom site. No freedom of debate at U C!
16 The illiterate styled directors of Campus Living Villages (N Z) Ltd not to be confused with the international operations of a similar name, have now resorted to hiding behind their night staff instead of proving they are literate and have a voice. There has been enough discussion and court cases on the subject of directors after the Global Financial Crisis. Our former Minister of Treaty Settlements is shown on the Campus in photographs in the company of the most senior Ngai Tahu person Sir Tipene O’Regan This director has been in high profile court cases.
Whilst on the subject of Sir Tipene. Recently Sir Tipene O’Regan came to campus and at the end of his poorly attended but enlightening speech on the Treaty of Waitangi he “dare”d anyone to ask questions I so dared I invited him to come back and to his credit he accepted. This invitation has been formally extended to him. Given the recent controversy involving the 5 legislatively protected dead native pidgeons (Kereru) within Ngai Tahu boundaries it seems a good time to debate with Sir Tipene and his team here on Campus where freedom or expression is frequently advocated. I would be able to lean forward and in David Lange style see if I could smell what is known in some parts as the “illegaltegal” on his breath. Strange how the media aren’t asking senior Maori leaders about this and enable them to deny that they have  dinned on Kereru. Maori Council Chairpersons perhaps? I am confident the Sir Tipene is up to the challenge. Time will provide the answer. USCA could host such a debate and sell tickets as I am sure there are lots of people out there including Forest and Bird who would partake in such an event and pay “handsomely”. I herein invite prominent Maori Law Lecturer on the Treaty here at U C Moka Ritchie to join my team. That way we could see the law is paramount/sacrosanct in the eyes of the University of Canterbury Law School. Thanks in anticipation my “lecturer” on the Treaty of Waitangi. Imagine my “lecturer” hurriedly and surreptitiously passing some dental floss to Sir Tipene on the other debating team to enable any possible remnants of the debate topic being the “Illegaltegal” to be consumed and concealed in perpetuity. Humour only for the last sentence. Let the debate roll. I was going to ask the presidential candidates about this but others occupied the question time as can be seen from above. I am the student we should have preference at question time. Not U C law faculty staff.
17 Femsoc have made allegations of gender discrimination being practiced by the University of Canterbury and the Council at its head are digging their collective head in the sand as usual.
18 Simple requests for information from the University of Canterbury have to go by the Ombudsman and the Privacy Commissioner which has a delay time of 6 weeks before an officer can be appointed let alone investigated. Requests involving the Council that should be handled by the Registrar Jeffery Field are now being handled by junior staff.
19 The University of Canterbury and Riccarton Community Constable “Kenneth” has been asked to stay of Campus whilst the complaint against him involving the Police Commissioner Michael Bush and the Independent Police Complaints Authority (which consists of one Judge Sir D J Carruthers acting alone and in isolation- read those words again please) Police cannot deny they are involved in at least of two acts of intimidation towards a student on Campus. Can you Constabulary member Pryor?
20 There is correspondence commenced with the Minister of Tertiary Education that goes to the very heart and worth of the word “Degree” from the University of Canterbury. His letter of acknowledgement has been received but his response of detail is still awaited. At least he is no longer denying there was political bias displayed at the last election by one of the Universities in Canterbury. Councillor “two pay packets” Woods who sits on both Councils at the same time is ideally placed to defend the Minister whom appointed him but is surrounded by silence and supported by the balance of Council which includes the current University of Canterbury Students Association “President two pay packets” whom supposedly represents the 12,000 UCSA members at the same time?????????
21 Eventually this debate will get to the real issues of bribery and corruption at U C but lets see if we can get the election rerun and properly this time.
22 “Huntsoc” This issue of requiring the Executive of approximately ten persons (of the Hunting Society) to hold drug free meetings and claiming by contacting the membership via email to discuss this is a breach of the other members “privacy” This has been formally with the UCSA executive for months now. Now the N Z Mountain Safety Council members are failing their membership by refusing to comment. Official Information Act request acknowledged from the Director General of Conservation this morning
23 As to the replacement hub of student activities the “Foundry” It does not take over 8 years to knock down and replace a two storeyed building of which 62% is owned by the U C S A. Why aren’t the local demolition contractors climbing all over the slow and ponderous consultants. At least the demolition contract should have been let by now. . Was thinking of dry hiring a large excavator and a “bath tub” and getting started myself? Completion is expected to take “four more years” Sounds familiar doesn’t it
24 The recent decision by the University of Canterbury not to tell the constabulary about the theft of large quantities of chemicals with the potential for being used in the manufacture of Heroin and Amphetamines for “four days” after the event is another example of disgraceful behaviour In effect this helped the perpetrators evade capture. Akin to aiding and abetting in my view. It will be the same next time.
Do you agree that “UCSA” should re run the election?
“No Nukes” UCSA Executive elections “undecided voter” & U C Student #86829284
E & O E

University of Canterbury Students Association Executive Election 2015

Mr P Gibson,
The Commissioner of Human Rights
Level 3, 21 Queen Street, Auckland
PO Box 6751, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141
Re University of Canterbury Students Association Executive Elections
Dear Paul,
Currently we are close to having to vote for the various candidates. Tomorrow I believe.
Previous election discussion was being held on the “USCA Notice Board” Facebook page. This enabled voters to ask questions and candidates to respond with their election positions. This was occurring.
The access to this website has been withdrawn from myself and I cannot assure the Commissioner that I am the only voter who has had his or her access taken away and the ability to impart my view and receive the view point from the candidates is therefore denied. I can no longer impart my view or ask questions of the candidate seeking further clarification of their already advised positions.
The two “Financial” candidates are refusing to answer questions about money and there are millions of dollars at stake here
The resigning President Ms S Platt is refusing to answer correspondence on this matter as is the Returning Officer Mr Riley Divett whom I spoke to in person yesterday after the first of the debates at the Undercroft at the University of Canterbury.
I consider the real possibility exists that one of the candidates, of a team of three which is led by Mr Addington which includes a Ms Hampson and another (a Current UCSA Executive member) (I cannot be sure as don’t have access to the UCSA Notice Board Facebook page) has mislead the voters and in effect is being protected from voter scrutiny by the Returning Officer and the outgoing UCSA Executive.
The ‘’Canta” Magazine “Election Special” supplied to me yesterday only covers one of the Presidential candidates Mr James Addington and this shows bias by the existing Executive and the magazines editor in favour of this Presidential Candidate at the expense of the other.
Based on the above I hereby lodge a complaint that my ability to impart my view and receive the view of the candidates has been withheld and it is for the office of the Commissioner to decide if this is illegal or not.
I await your reply of acknowledgement and allocated file number.
Please reply urgently as the voting commences imminently
Gordon Dickson Undecided voter.
UCSA Member and University of Canterbury Student Number 86829284
2 Homestead Lane, Ilam, Christchurch 12/8/2015
Hard copy in post

University of Canterbury Student Association Election Debate #1 Blog #22

University of Canterbury UCSA First Election debate casual observation by voter 11/8/15
Dismally attended. Approximately 40 students considered their future was worth an hour of their time. Appalling disrespectful behaviour by supposed/purported kiwi adults!! Or 0.003% of eligible voters!! The years one and two voters where singled out in particular. To the individual U C student it is for you to decide which category you fit into; apathetic, insular, selfish, uncaring, me me me, etc. Perhaps more than one of the listed entitlements may fit many thousands of my fellow students.
It was videoed and the current President will be asked to confirm when this will be online
The Chairperson whom I observed was not, to the best of my knowledge, a member of UCSA played an unusual role
If I may be so bold, this member of the Law Faculty, who shall remain anonymous, (well in the interim any way) whose practice of asking the assembled candidates for Vice President and Financial Officer positions, the pre-circulated questions in the same order allowed the second speaker to turn, his or her turn at the lectern, so to speak, (none of them could actually muster the strength to stand up and address the voters) the unabated opportunity to, in point of fact, have a “right of reply” afforded him or her. I observed notes being taken by one subsequent candidate whilst another competitor spoke.
Perhaps in a school marm fashion this learned gentleman will accept a ruler like “rap over the knuckles” of the metaphorical sort and improve his interpretation of his quasi like statutory role. I would plead /challenge him to adopt another statutory style of interpretation towards the very purpose of the debate platform. In short a level playing field. (Humour) My C+ is looking like am H- Surely I have not doubly jeopardised myself? (Humour)
Then the same gentleman took it upon himself to ask a considerable number of question when I as a UCSA member had a number myself.
I wanted to ask about the overdue Huntsoc/New Zealand Mountain Safety Council matter before the USCA and the already formally asked questions of the candidates regarding the “racist” allegations directed at myself. The current and finally acknowledged by the University of Canterbury “conflict of interest” questions of both the UCSA President and UC Councillor John Woods. Etc
Of course this learned gentleman/debate chairperson is offered the “right of reply” and it is only fair that he should grab it with his keyboard. They say “fortune favours the bold”
As to the result of today’s debate. A draw which is good for those without existing time on the current UCSA. Let’s hope in tomorrow’s debate the two principle protagonists address the questions they have in their inbox already. Today’s debate certainly lacked verve and strength of debate. It resembled a “powder puff derby”!
“No Nukes” UC Student Number 86829284 and undecided voter

Humour, N Z Women, All Blacks losing to the “Handsome” Wallabies and Job Creation Blog # 21

Humour, N Z Women their perceived gender insensitivity per se , job creation, my predicted All Blacks latest loss to the handsome Wallabies, et al.
In an unabridged attempt to contribute to the ongoing debate on the subject of New Zealand women. I heard an Australian damsel and doyenne of the sports arena call them “scrubbers”. When I never hear a denial of this allegation it runs the real risk of becoming accepted internationally. I am deeply concerned about this. Are we mere males guilty by association?
We all observe that they, N Z women that is, have an ever increasing & ever widening role to play in the broad based society that 52% of our nation’s personhood or “make up”. Why are you made up in this manner? It hides your obvious charm of which we are not oblivious to.
Next I would like to talk about the gap in our almost dually made up society and I sit here lamenting looking at my credit card records showing the number of times I have bought women flowers. Roses in particular. My lamenting and ongoing sadness is brought upon by the undeniable claim and acceptance of the fact that not once have I been in receipt of a heart-warming, gender endearing gift like I have afforded the “gentler sex”. Flowers. I am close to tears.
There are many gaps in N Z society. This gap is between the end of N Z women’s “fingers” and the almost impenetrable clasp on the top of their purses. This again I lament and say it is when it comes time to women buying men flowers. We to like gifts of flowers and signs of appreciation as to the mere role we play in your lives. I can imagine the above mentioned “fingers” curling up at the above description of the N Z women and into a fist form. Please please don’t do that ladies otherwise you will be physically confirming in front of your own eyes and perhaps the eyes of impressionable young children the, as at this time undenied suspicion, that you are “tight fisted”. Try unfurling them and see if the thought of crow barring undone the tight clasp of your purse and purchasing men flowers and making us happy has any appeal. Especially as our nation’s premier sports team got “handsomely” beaten by the handsome Wallabies as I predicted. The Wallabies must be handsome to as there are over 200,000 N Z women residing in their midst. Many New Zealand males will need cheering up this morning.

You are the physically weaker sex and therefore need defending along with your international reputation. My Pommie mate “little Mike” however warned me about the only area whereby N Z women are equally strong, and stronger in many instances, as us mere males is when it comes to one of our almost identical bodily organs. He referred to it as the “iron fish hook”. It is exceptionally strong, barbed and sharpened with much use and can lash out/strike and catch us mere males at any time. That’s right you guessed it, your tongue. Described as “the primary organ of taste”. “Hell hath no fury” and all that. I am starting to shake worrying what wroth I might incur when I go to the supermarket after posting this, in my Australian guernsey. Might go in drag or perhaps a little cross dressing disguise and a touch of “make up”. That would be akin to “hiding behind the skirts of” n’est pas?
As to the aspect of New Zealand women’s claim to equality, failure to show the same and “bridge the gap” between the end of their fingers and their purses coupled with the need to create employment. I challenge N Z women to buy us men flowers. Daffodils are green and gold like in colour, just like the winning Wallabies guernsey’s or you can show us you are as described above tight fisted and by definition gender insensitive. Fine line between gender insensitivity and gender discrimination ladies. Could we have the vote back please? I said please! Please show us “mm’s” that you accept when it comes to equality there is no gain without pain, in this case financial, and buy us Daffodils. Perchance some of the proceeds could go to the Cancer Society. To date the ability of N Z women to buy us “mm’s” flowers has been appalling. I don’t want you running off and purloining these Daffodils from our parks and reserves either please ladies. Buy them! Bridge the gap show us you appreciate us and buy us flowers. Please ladies wave aside the herein exposed gender insensitivity along with your hoard of moths waiting to find freedom and fresh air, buy us daffodils and “bridge the gap”. This hoard of moths is alongside your hoard of cash. The florists will be busy and some jobs will be created It’s a win win win situation. The we can see that you are not entranced and enchanted with gender insensitivity. Have you no shame?
There may well be N Z women out there considering waving two fingers with forcefulness at my prose and I put it to those of this inappropriate viewpoint that these are the very same fingers that could be used to make me and my fellow “mm’s” happy and apply them with the same force to the clasp on top of your purse. Or of course you could refurl them up.
My previous blog proved to be true and the Wallabies “handsomely” beat the All Blacks last night. My initial prediction on next weeks game, and that is all it is, game of sport, are that the Wallabies will throw the game to lure the All Blacks into a false sense of hope before beating them handsomely again in the “World Cup”. When I look at the dozens of forward passes not pulled up by what looked like to be a previously highly controversial English referee not forgetting the high shot then the All Blacks got off lightly.
A happy green and gold Wallaby supporter. That’s right they are the same colours as the Daffodils we are now all expecting soon. Think of the job creation the regaining of your image in N Z and internationally. I sense the need for change and the need for you to become scrubbed up and only time will expose the degree necessary.
Heck I am going to consider strongly expressing my rights and leave the toilet set up too. So take that ladies/ damsels, et al.
“No Nukes” and mere (no not mare) male (We know our place ladies, bare foot, passive and in the kitchen) E & O E
Blog # 21 9/8/2015

University of Canterbury Students Association Current Elections

Dear fellow UCSA Voters and more importantly all aspiring candidates. Thank you for joining the University of Canterbury Students Association general election discussion and this is the second time I have been called a “racist”.
Genuinely feel if I was a “racist” as you contend this position this would have been outed well before now in any of the 3 General Parliamentary elections that I contested for the New Zealand Labour Party (including last year against the latest Minister of Justice Hon Amy Adams). I am also a Life Member of the New Zealand Party. Even more succinctly behind the whistle and as a “touchie” in dozens of rugby league games and  “Onion” in rural predominantly Maori villages/towns. Even more specifically in the long comraderie sessions in the changing rooms afterwards as well. I helped the local league team train mid-week and my training hoody had the words “White Trash” across the front. Race wasn’t an issue it was about training hard enough to beat the surrounding villages. Some of these teams were gang teams and they do not mince their words. They are not politically correct.
These teams can be guttural, succinct and use as few as words as possible to get the messages across. If I was as you claim a “racist” the above venues would have exposed it I assure you. Particularly the dressing room after league where freedom of expression reigned supreme. Not to forget the after match function where I was a welcome guest.
My view below as an undecided voter was that I was simply asking the numerous candidates their viewpoint which is awaited at time of writing. This viewpoint of yours now gives the candidates the additional opportunity to espouse their views on the racism you contend you have encountered, particularly if it was here at “U C’’.
The closest I may have got to be a racist was like this and I let you and the fellow readers decide if this makes me a racist.
I turn up as the appointed referee for an enjoyable afternoon of the “beautiful game”. Sun shining, birds chirping and looking forward to some exercise, watching live sport at close range, seeing a few goals scored, a hot shower and to a couple of cold beers after the game. Like many New Zealanders I enjoy my weekend sport. Weekend sport is a tradition in Aotearoa. It is part of our culture and way of life. Looked at the home team of 10 players which had the same attire/uniform on and the goalkeeper was suitably attired/uniformed as he should be. He stood out from the balance of the team as he should do. Then as you do I looked at the visiting team of new New Zealanders and although the infield players were suitably attired/uniformed their goal keeper was not. His attire stood out too. When I asked him to change he advised his cultural and religious beliefs prevented him from doing so. He was not even prepared to put on football boots. He made assertions that he was being discriminated against by me etc etc. Upon reflection, and worried I would bring the N Z Labour Party into disrepute and possibly affect my career prospects I advised him using very carefully chosen words (I was tempted to be succinct) that I was going to the halfway line and blow the kick off whistle. If at that stage he was still of the view that his cultural and religious views/beliefs remained in place, (and that I was a racist) and were superior to those in the Association Football rule book I was going to blow the whistle again, call his Captain over and explain what was about to happen to his teams goalkeeper, and that he would be playing the remaining 89.9 minutes of the beautiful game with ten players. When the goalkeeper realised he was going to be standing behind the goal posts instead of between them, a sense of realism was witnessed. I returned to half way. When I turned around there was a flurry of attire/uniform activity whereas one attire was replaced with another and the game commenced. As it should be.
So if that makes me a “racist” so be it

If you still feel I am a racist then please can you and 120 of your supporters go to UBS on Campus put a pinga each on the counter and I will have a University of Canterbury hoodie emblazoned with the words “University of Canterbury Racist Law Student 2015” and wear it on campus. My other training hoodee is pukaru.
“No Nukes” U C Student Number 86829284 & undecided UCSA voter
p. s. I do predict the Wallabies will win handsomely this weekend. See we do have the freedom of expression.

University of Canterbury/Campus Living Villages (N Z ) Ltd Blog #19

University of Canterbury/Campus Living Villages (NZ) Ltd and International Students in Halls of Residence
Compare below reasonable expectations of Kiwis to that of an international student whilst visiting our shores as our guest
This is my experience
International student spills milk throughout refrigerator including across the food of others in January 2015
Was asked to clean it up deteriorating milk and several times to. Fails to do so. The residue remains there today!! It is now August. That’s February, March, April, May, June, July and for clarity it is now August
Put a note on the door asking this student to clean it up. Student walks past this note every time leaving apartment and ignores it.
Asked Campus Living Villages (N Z) Ltd (CLV) to get this student to clean it up
CLV agreed formally to facilitate an apartment meeting. They were not telling the truth. Kiwis have a word for this to.
C L V staff then agreed to hold a meeting with this international student. I have no idea if this meeting ever took place. Given the filthy unhygienic mess remains there today. Please remember it is now August. I doubt it
Asked for another refrigerator for safe hygienic storage of food. This twice made request was declined by CLV.
This student refuses to put the rubbish out, has to be asked to mop up the bathroom after using it so subsequent users don’t slip. Does so half heartedly
When asked to contribute his share and buy his multi packet of toilet rolls after using that purchased by the other flatmates this student refused and got really really really upset about it.
Refuses to use the vacuum cleaner, refuses to take a turn cleaning the floor and the shower between CLV cleanings. Refuses/fails to put out the recycling, declines to contribute to the dishwasher liquid to clean up the living area and kitchen area, walks around the bags of rubbish tied up from the white bins put beside the door when leaving the apartment.
The recent formal viewpoint of the University Council was that I should contact the “landlord’’ Does it appear to the ordinary reader that that avenue has been well canvassed/utilised/ explored/exhausted etc. Amazing. One would hope Council is not displaying discernment?
Would it therefore come as any surprise to my fellow student and UCSA election voter that there is now another layer of orangy coloured food spread/spilt atop the first layer?
In New Zealand we have a word for this. It starts with “bl” and ends with “er” Please consider respecting our culture and our way of life whilst you are in visitor to Aotearoa.
The candidates for the UCSA elections, particularly the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, are invited to comment as to what they would do about this ongoing unhealthy, unwarranted, unhygienic situation if elected to the next/new/envigorated/ ”dedicated” executive. This is awaited.
Finally if you are an international student who has come from an environment where you are able to have everything done for you +/or treat woman as second class citizens then please go along to the next Femsoc evening and watch and listen to what happens when you espouse your male gender superior entitlement viewpoint.
“No Nukes” University of Canterbury Kiwi Student # 8682928 5/7/2015

University of Canterbury Students Association Presidential and Executive Elections 2015 Blog # 18

University of Canterbury Students Association Presidential and Executive 2015 Elections
A Money. B Drug and Alcohol testing. C “Kenneth” of the Constabulary Tasering, et al.
There are a number of candidates whom are claiming to be fit and proper persons to be elected. Congratulations on putting yourself forward
A Money
Some candidates are claiming to have “Finance” aspirations on the U C S A Executive. With the intended completion of the replacement Foundry being some four years away and using an estimated cost value of twelve and an half million dollars ($12,500,000) as an example only it is important for the UCSA finances to be carefully monitored and managed.
The UCSA money for the Foundry insurance entitlement was a part of the $550 million University of Canterbury insurance settlement with IAG. How much of this $550 million was for the UCSA Foundry entitlement as the Association owns 62% of the building and where is the money? Is it in the UCSA bank account getting interest to help with the cost of the demolition, which should have been completed by now, although I note with dismay this building, apparently beyond repair is in partial use, or is it in the Universities bank account and the UCSA has to go cap in hand and ask for its own money??
All candidates’ comments welcome with those with “Finance” aspirations especially expected.
Please remember if you have no voice or opinion before the election what you are going to be like after the elections if successful? There is an immense amount of money involved here.
B Alcohol and Drug testing & “Metal Detectors”
Many of the candidates are claiming “Representation”, “Dedication” and “Communication” and let’s see their response to this.
A member of the Student Association (could be any of the 12,000 members) asks for a matter to be addressed by their elected representative/s of the UCSA. A full executive of the UCSA vote upon and pass a motion resulting in a resolution in their meeting which should be recorded in the minutes for all 12,000 UCSA members to see. Using an example only of “All University of Canterbury staff and University Council members should be subject to random alcohol and drug tests”, just like the rest of N Z has accepted as “de rigueur”.
Off goes our newly elected “Dedicated” “Committed” UCSA President, resolution in hand, copies for all council members to the next Council meeting to represent the membership. Us. WRONG. When he or she raises the issue, any one of the balance of approximately 16 members can move a motion to go into “Committee”, a seconder found, then a motion must be put and if passed the discussion on what the UCSA passed resolution states takes place with the “Public Excluded”, a standard “Agenda” item, which includes us students and our class representatives, likely the Teachers &/or Union representatives (their viewpoint welcomed/encouraged/expected) and the public at large. Excluded, forced to leave, told to go, etc. The President CANNOT report back to the UCSA Executive or us the members what discussion took place on the very resolution of the UCSA Executive of which he is a member. So the President could vote yes at the UCSA Executive meeting in favour of the resolution and no in the Council forum and the UCSA members would never know. Of course the public, class reps and students alike have to wait around for an unknown period till the matter is resolved (resolved is a word of importance) Then normally when this item, now on the floor of the Council meeting and agenda is discussed, a resolution of the council is moved and seconded and passed.
In normal circumstances that is. This is not the situation recently The was an item tabled as “Inward Correspondence” and all that happened was that it was “note”d. The miniscule staff report was both false and misleading. No proper resolution was passed or as in normal circumstances there would have been a mover and a seconder. This mover and seconder would have to have names and we could see this information. This would normally be recorded in the minutes but was not. More breach of normally expected accepted for decades, N Z wide procedure. So we don’t really know if the resolution was passed or not! Many bodies keep digital recordings of meetings to enable minutes to be confirmed with accuracy at the next meeting. Our Council does not do this?? Stops people from taking the opportunity of saying one thing one day and another the next. Perhaps UCSA meetings should be recorded also?
Another example of “Dedicated” “Representation” needed and urgently. This is the refusal of both the operators/managers of the Ilam Halls of Residence, being Campus Living Villages (N Z) Ltd to answer correspondence and the ongoing and unaddressed failure to provide the previously considered necessary and available Health & Safety Policy. Two of the three Directors of Campus Living Villages (N Z ) Ltd live here in Christchurch, R D 6, Yaldhurst and Wittys Road in Avonhead. Secondly the University of Canterbury has been formally asked for a copy of or to view their Health and Safety policy too but they are well versed in abusing the Official Information Act which has as its core principle that unless there are good reasons for withholding information then the information should be made available. These to date invisible documents, if in fact they exist, would be utilised to reduce the risk of fire in particular, but not excluded to, (remember those 4 words) the continued smoking in the Ilam Halls buildings and surrounds.
Another issue needing representation, relating to the recent theft of chemicals, is the decision by the University of Canterbury not to quickly notify/inform the Constabulary in the normal manner. U C should have informed and be able to be seen to be “cooperating” with the N Z Police immediately. And told the UCSA so the member could have been informed. The theft of chemicals capable of being used for “Heroin and Speed” manufacture was withheld from the police for up to four days after the theft was discovered. Yet again UCSA could raise the issue, which to my knowledge they haven’t but the Council of the University could go again into Committee and when our President comes back to the Executive meeting has to advise that he or she cannot advise what was discussed due to being in “Committee”. With Public, media, class representatives, staff union representatives and students all being excluded. From this can be concluded the President cannot claim to represent the members of the Association. Either the University of Canterbury supposedly led by the University Council are telling the truth about when the theft discovery was told to the Constabulary or Detective Sergeant Richard Quested is being publically economical with the truth.
It will be interesting to see what the Minister of Tertiary Education says in response to the Official Information Act upon his desk. Dated “29/7/2015”
Another example of “Representation’’ needed is I still don’t have my complete timetable on “Learn” and have to keep in touch with the Law Faculty for changes of venues and tutorials (I acknowledge now there are no tutorials for the missing subject) We all know when the term started!!!
Otago University has a radio station which helps with these issues Why don’t we have one too?
Otago University has a Rugby League team too and are happy to come up and beat us up. But can’t get help from UCSA for replacement uniforms. Male members from the Tongan community know where many of the existing shirts, shorts and don’t forget the socks, are! Please spread the word and please drop them back off at the UCSA in the Undercroft or the Foundry. Please. The existing U C S A rule about no/delayed provision of funding for new sports teams is antiquated and needs changing. Now this can happen but if not enough of you apathetic, uncaring, me me me, insular, I want it and I want it now, UCSA members are willing to turn up to the UCSA meetings, like last week, despite the offer of a free lunch, then this makes it virtually impossible. There are enough “Leagies” hiding out in U C “Onion” jerseys to accept the challenge, defend the name and the tryline of “U C”. The University of Otago team can continually claim to have the best University Rugby League team in the South Island. Add to this the province of Otago has the undisputed best current exciting champion Super 15 rugby team in the whole wide world.

C “University of Canterbury and Riccarton Community Constable” “Kenneth” and Tasering
Currently there is a lengthy matter being discussed between the “Independent Police Complaints Authority” last correspondence from “Judge Sir David Carruthers”, “12 June 2015”, and “The Commissioner of Police Michael Bush” and the Police have been asked to assign this officer to duties off campus whilst this matter is resolved. Seems a reasonable/simple enough request. Please bear in mind you can be Tasered on campus from now on. Law students, including final year, are referred to Section 18 of the Independent Police Complaints Authority Act 1988. Police Officer “Kenneth’s” understanding of the word honesty does not compare favourably with the definition in the Concise Oxford Dictionary.
Next. Senior staff persons Roderick Carr (apologies for calling you “Rodney” Vice Chancellor Carr) and Jeffery Field are trying to hide behind staff down the pecking order instead of taking the responsibility themselves. This staff person told, now undenied “porkies” and now must be reading an employment contract as Mediation looms in a nearby Employment Court. The alternative is to adopt the insurance industry stance of the 3 D’s “Deny, (too late now for that) Delay and Defend” However one would hope the image of the University internationally would mean sooner is better than later. My view is prevention is better than cure”??? The Ombudsman informs me that an Official Information Act request has been referred to the Privacy Commissioner whom advises that it takes at least 8 weeks for an officer to be appointed and an unknown period for the investigation of the University of Canterbury’s records to be carried out. The University of Canterbury Council should instruct the staff to make the information available Particularly as the Constabulary are all most likely to be all over these documents.
The UCSA should be acting with impetus here but as has become the norm they are conspicuous by their absence. Even if the UCSA President did raise an issue at the University Council meeting the President can’t talk to the UCSA Executive and members about what was discussed, who said what and why etc. The Presidential candidates must have a view on this appalling and untenable situation. This has the potential of putting Council members in the public seats of the Christchurch Courthouses awaiting to be called to give evidence. This may mean a District Court Judge and prominent Christchurch lawyers could be sitting amongst Mongrel Mob and Black Power members. Now that would look good on Facebook. My law lecturers invited to comment of course.
“Canta” being withdrawn from circulation at the whim of an unknown unidentified minority.
Candidates are asked to express an opinion so firstly as voters we can see if you have one at all and should you be elected then we can monitor your performance afterwards.
As to the adult like apathetic voters. This is your chance and this is your “Degree” so get out and vote. There are people here at U C whom have never had a vote in their lives let alone get one in the foreseeable future. Whereas the modern student at U C is unable or unwilling to make an online informed decision. Extract the digit or risk being seen as an ongoing embarrassment by future generations of New Zealand citizens.
The Returning officer is asked to advise how many people voted last time so we can see if apathy is a demonstrable achievement or otherwise by my fellow UCSA members.
“No Nukes” UC Student Association Member and undecided Voter
U C Student Number 86829284 Blog #18 of 3/8/2015