Tipping in N Z and Gerry Seinfield’s forthcoming visit

Evening I Caught most of an interview with Gerry Seinfeld on the “Teeve” and what I would ask the lady interviewer to do is to go and visit the hard working people of the tourism industry in the Ford Block in Rotorua and after listening to them she may have a change of mindset and advocate for tipping and not do anything less like now Then go and put those advocating for not tipping, including those who have been formally doing so, in the same venue as these same low paid workers and watch the result. Why are we shackled in this country with such a continuing low standard of “Lazy” media

Cromwell – Central Otago – Private Hospital?

Private Hospital for Cromwell? 10 November 2016
Might I suggest the idea of a private hospital in Cromwell now well established as the pivot point for Central Otago from whence the tentacle like road network arteries spread out and hence can justifiably be deemed the undisputed “Capital of Central Otago”
Perhaps with the formation of a charity which is a simple task, the candidates in the Central Lakes Trust elections can give their election pledges as to whether they would vote justifiable sums of money in the direction of this noble and health orientated cause.
Imagine if you will the various specialists visiting, examining and then operating locally. Remembering always “the customer is always right.”
Local land, local ownership, local tradies and local people utilising the service
Seems like a win win win win situation to me so what do each and every one of the candidates namely Allison, Michael John Richards; Butcher, Duncan Athol; Carruth, Stephen Grant; Claridge, Lynley; Duggan, Elizabeth Ada; Hall, Judith Frances; Hill, James Richard; Kemp, Herbert Charles; Mead, Peter John; Milne, Paul Stanley; Nisbet, Gordon Arthur; Spary, Robert Donald; Symons, Susan Elizabeth think please?
No Nukes
Cromwell Resident