University of Canterbury Student Assoc Executive Election #2 President Candidate Voter Plea 9/7/15 Blog # 28

University of Canterbury Students Associations Elections #2 Update Blog 28
# 1 Scandal and unchallenged assertions. On the “UCSA Elections Exposed” Facebook pages there are assertions that the other two Presidential candidates Messrs Whitehead and Addington have some questions to answer to. Post “Aug 3”
“not mny peple are awear that Presidint candidites Stew Witthed and Jemmy Eddington have bof ben caught stelling monies previously The UCSA wan 2 cover dis up bt we all kno da truf!!”
Fellow Presidential candidates please come out formally and either deny the allegations or acknowledge them. The current balance of the UCSA executive should either support you or will by their silence be seen not to be denying the assertions. Come on Luke, Sarah, Cam, Daniel, Michael, Henry, Liv, Finlay, Emily, and Samantha time to front up and tell all 34 of the candidates and the voters the truth. Quite simply are the assertions true or false? Voters and candidates have a right to know. Were the police involved? Should they be? Or in all reality is this a student just making mischief? If the asserter of the above assertions has information about this possible “stelling” then he or she should go to the constabulary. Take for an example only a local M P, Wigram for example, if he had information to help the N Z Police with their enquiries I am confident that he would walk straight into the nearest police station and say I want to inform the N Z Police as it is my duty as a New Zealand citizen to do so. The “Facebook” asserter is encouraged to do so and urgently as we need to clear this controversy up before voting commences. We don’t want to have UCSA election number 3 do we?

#2 Censorship
“Blog for students, by students” on your “Current Students” page
This blog in reality has a ten day censorship period as I discovered so current issues are withheld from discussion unless you have a cooking recipe.

#3 Tutor/ Lecturers office visits
“The tutor is working at home today” and therefore can’t see you. How do we know this? Could be at Mt Hutt skiing. Tutors and Lecturers should have core hours on U C Campus and we the paying students should know them. My policy if elected.

#4 Employment Matters involving three senior University of Canterbury staff are ongoing at this time. Your current “President two pay packets” is withholding this information from you. Reprehensible behaviour of elected representatives.

# 5 Political Science students apathy. They should be out there doing live polling and getting back to the students saying who is leading the race and who is improving in the polling that they are conducting. But they aren’t, lazy tykes.
Come on Bronwyn help the second election. PLEASE

# 6 Conflicts of Interest by several That has been canvasses in my previous blogs. It is appalling and its extent at U C needs to be discovered.
If elected I will not accept two pay packets and the above mentioned highly questioned controversial candidates are press ganged into comment otherwise you will also be seen to be able to hold the title of “President two pay packets” just like UC Council member “Two pay packets” John Woods QSM etc etc

# 7 Dishonest candidates The existing/incumbent, already on the UCSA Executive Presidential candidates whom are putting themselves forward are Messrs Addington and Whitehead. These names keep popping up and are surrounded in controversy yet again. It is known that the current UCSA executive claim to have in its possession a legal opinion substantiating its decision to abandoned the first election. It is known that the current UCSA executive are withholding this opinion despite repeated formal and in person requests, from the voters, UCSA members and the second lot of candidates. The only people who can really tell us if this supposed/possible/alleged/ purported document exists are the executive members themselves of which my fellow Presidential competitors are two. Now comes the honesty test of my fellow candidates [(cant even bring myself to mention their names particularly as I want you to vote for me (GORDON) and want to distance myself from such ongoing, continuing and unaddressed multiple controversies].
Candidates James and Stewart. Have you seen this supposed/purported/possible legal opinion? If so what date is it? What does it say? How many pages are there? Which law firm provided it? What was the name of the solicitor whom signed it? Was it by Duncan Webb or any other staff person’s members of Lane Neave? Was it by Jo Appleyard or any other of the staff persons of Chapman Trip? Was it by UC staff? If you claim not to have seen it then why not, as this was a supposed executive decision to abandon the previous election? Do you support my policy that the current UCSA executive should not be withholding documents from the membership?
My view is the decision to abandon the previous election was a preventable and flawed one. (Totally unnecessary in my view given the information that existed within the incumbent UCSA executive the entire time but gesticulated at)

# 8 The deafening silence of Lawsoc about their recent elections is deplorable and anti-democratic. Remember this is where the entirety (dozens) of these Lawsoc members and law student candidates refused to take questions from the floor from the voters at the Lawsoc elections. The incoming executive will always have a shadow of doubt of their election success. In one case it was not an election it was a selection due to this extremely exceptionally fortunate candidate who should know better (the name to be revealed unless he comes out of the world of silence and defends his selection) having information in addition/ over and above/ instead of etc, etc, to the mass membership and other candidates. It became as selection instead of an election. A clear breach of the constitution and as the “Loresoc” membership are all law students I implore them to hit the Incorporated Societies Act and compare that to their very own constitution. Particularly the voiceless/muzzled/I won’t take questions from the voter types, but highly successful (yeah right) candidates. The incoming and outgoing executives are herein accused of unbelievably bad practices and in a few months you will want to be seen as able to pass the Bar exam. This will show how low the bar really is. It is currently resting on the ground. As a voter and Lawsoc financial member I could not even find out if the numerous candidates were members of and contributors to the Klu Klux Klan??????? The outgoing President Mr Thomas Scott and Incoming President Mr, I want to get elected, but am not taking questions from the voters, X, are pleaded with to come out into the political arena and comment quickly as UCSA voters are poised to vote for a second time. Please don’t impede the second election UCSA election process. PLEASE As for the akin to Lawsoc representative on the UCSA executive Mr Michael McRae he often has plenty to say Please continue Michael. PLEASE.

# 9 Unsubstantiated rumours must be dispelled. Rather than listen to the unsubstantiated rumours that abound on campus that one of the female students has bonked a tutor. We need to dispel these sorts of rumours unless they are true? If this should be true and I trust and hope it is not it begs the question what was offered in return. An A+ for an end of year exam pass. Does a blow job get you a B+ at U C?
If elected I would resolve to expel the, should there be one in existence, exposed UCSA member from the Association.

#10 The tower cranes swings Their concrete counterweights and rubbish skips above us should have warning lights fixed to the fences at either end of their swings to warn us students when above our unprotected heads. The normal alternative would be a gantry or some open ended 40 foot containers. Someone is being paid for Health and Safety (for the purposes of this election let’s call them “Uncle Fletch” and “Uncle Arnott”) and you my fellow students are being exposed to unnecessary risk. Only takes a small portion of debris from a skip or a concrete counter weight to fall and injury and death could result. I have written to “Uncle Fletch” but no reply forthcoming. My policy. If you like it vote for me please

#11 U C S A Money For candidates to comment on UCSA funds the current financial officer on the executive Cameron Bignell is asked to tell us how much the student association received from the $550 million from the IAG/UC global settlement and is it in our bank account or is it in a U C bank account getting interest for them instead of the Association. Remember voters we own 62% of the old Foundry and the current executive want to water this down when there are alumni out there prepared to give debentures and donations to help the situation. I donated a sum at the beginning of the year for a fundraising account and it took 5 months to get a receipt! It does not take 8 years to knock down a two storeyed building and build a smaller one.

Candidate Gordon J Dickson Normally of OHOPE BEACH, BAY OF PLENTY
E. & O. E.
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GET OUT AND VOTE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Adults vote are you an adult?

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