Canterbury Earthquake Recovery – Arbitrators & Mediators Institute Queenstown Conference Now

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery- Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of New Zealand Presidents Silence at the Queenstown Conference happening now, Earthquake Commission Funded Mediations, The commitment to the people of Canterbury by the Arbitrators & Mediators Institute,  National  Party candidate John Key’s  misleading conference foreword, Incredibly he is still internationally advocating the suitability of the Justice Minister Judith Collins M P when the majority of New Zealanders believe he should sack her since she refuses to resign and the national party has lost control of its candidate selection process Look at the Nationals Party’s  Constitution please , The Minister or Earthquake Recovery M P & National Party candidate in the Ilam Electorate here in Christchurch Mr Gerry Brownlee  competing against Labours Mr James Dann

The President of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute headed by President Mr Ranald  Gordon , from the Taranaki  region, whom are currently holding their Annual Conference in Queenstown Otago right now has been formally asked on 26/8/2014 to comment publically on its level of commitment by the Institute and its members to the Canterbury Recovery.  For those Queenstown Labour voters I ask that you rise up & ensure President Ranald makes some public comments and get them to me at please please!   Stand up for the people of Canterbury today and again tomorrow too if necessary

To date I haven’t seen the President’s comments. Have you?  Ask him to put them URGENTLY on the Institutes website as well for all of New Zealand to see.  I am confident that each and every one of the international attendees to the Queenstown conference will want to see his comments and like all the Christchurch earthquake victims  I additionally await the formalised view of the full Council with interest. To all the other the attendees at conference I implore you also to verbally request our President and the numerous other Council members present to commit pen to paper immediately and certainly not wait till after the conference like he /they  would prefer to do.  The opportunity exists to impress our international guests of the accountability that exists within the Institute. In particular the commitment to the Earthquake Commission funded Mediation process

What I can confirm is that AMINZ members are not entitled to minutes of the Extraordinary meeting held on 22/8/2014, one  week ago now, during which I another long outstanding  issue was discussed and the papers had been supplied to all the Council members  and the President won’t put pen to paper himself but passes the duty of Correspondence to the Executive officer Lots have been said about lack of accountability in regards to the Canterbury earthquake recovery and I implore Ranald to show our institute is not like that  The institutes formal view that I will not get an answer till after the conference i. e. by “ 5 September 2014” is totally unacceptable sir

The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery letter to me of  27 May 2014 Reference EQCGB13-14/0327  to me seems at odds to the Institutes (AMINZ) position in regard to how much the Institute and its members can and should very well be doing for the recovery

I am also confident my Labour Party colleagues Clayton Cosgrove and Ruth Dyson  and our leader David Cunliffe will want to be seen to be coming to the aid of Canterbury victims & commenting on candidate Brownlie’s letter.  The Minister then and now also Nationals candidates file reference again is EQC13-14/0327 Date 27 May 2014

The Institute (AMINZ)  has had another issue before it which originally was commenced formally by myself on 24/8/2012 was not to be dealt with till after the election Fortunately with the Extraordinary meeting advised formally to me to be held  on 22 August 2014 which is a considerable period before today and tomorrows last day of conference I expected  a response but who knows when 24/8/2014 to 29/8/2014 equals two years which  is long enough. Do not the Labour, enrolled non-voters and not yet enrolled but please become so voters and  people of the Selwyn electorate  think To young voters its your future at stake here and apathy is not the answer Be “POSITIVE”  about the right to vote

EQC & AMINZ Mediations paid for by the Earthquake Commission

The worth of a completed mediation, lets call it the “Kirwee example”, needs to be debated

Imagine if you will walking away from such a mediation with what you thought to be a signed sealed and binding on the Earthquake Commission Mediation agreement  in middle to late 2013 and looking at your still damaged house this and every morning since then. Dispair is what I witnessed

Ask yourself why these elderly recipients of an Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand and Earthquake Commission agreement to settle should have to use the Courts system to enforce an agreed signed and picked up at the time document? These private individuals should not have to. In effect the Earthquake Minister Brownlee is ignoring the system he helped establish. He is “Nero” like in this regard. To candidate Gerry I ask is it the National Party’s plan that all these signed agreements between the EQC and the Earthquake victims are going to be tested all the way to the highest court of the land? If not all how many and upon what basis please? The voters have a right to know sir. Pop your reply in an envelope to me c/o Post Restante Rolleston and I will collect it. Surely the Commission should be acting in the utmost of good faith to the victims of the 2010 earthquake These are not huge sums Gerry!!!!

As a resident of Church Corner, Christchurch  at the time of both major events, not forgetting the minor ones either,  and being a resident of Ohope Beach, in the eastern Bay of Plenty  for the 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake I realised the opportunity of mediation as an economic way to resolve earthquake related issues given  the maximum value allowed by the commission. My motto “Mediate or Arbitrate then no need to litigate” fails to find favour with those previously deemed to upheld the law of New Zealand. We all can agree we don’t trust car sales persons, lawyers, politicians and real estate salespersons. After the global financial crisis add company directors, finance in particular but as you will see in a subsequent blog not just finance company directors The Canterbury recovery will feature further

I wrote to the Earthquake Commissions Chief Executive  Ian Simpson advocating such a service  and if you cup your hands together you can view the response yourself It was much much later that EQC agreed to allow selected members of the Institute to Mediate a certain type of Dispute Those being the extremely extremely fortunate “Panel Members” only

Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when National Party candidate Mr Gerry Brownlee formally advised me that the institute holds a “contract”    “with the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ)” paragraph 1.

The ability to get on this panel is a matter that the Institute have failed to address despite it being formally brought to their attention far too long ago for them to claim credibility of high order

The list of correspondence I have goes back at least as far as 24/8/2012  but the Executive Director Deborah Hart LLB says “copying your  emails to provide to you takes valuable office resource” I believe there are only 2 or 3 additional items of correspondence within the Institutes walls in Wellington Unable or unwilling? Let the EQC victims decide

List of outwards correspondence (emails)  from paid up Institute member to the Institute and President Ranald Gordon of Taranaki dated 24/8/2012 (note 2012) , 3/9/2012 (note 2012), 2/5/2014, 22/5/14, 28/5/2014, 8/8/14, 26/8/14 Plus possibly another 2 or 3 Total Say 6-7 I know there more  because I sent it with the express intention of expecting the President to address the issues raised at the local members gathering on  Bealey Avenue recently prior to the 22/5/2014 email.  I further can confirm  there is additional correspondence to the Institute as I refer it in my email to President Ranald in my email seeking an explanation of 22/5/2014

List inwards to me ex Institute President Ranald Gordon 4/6/2014 Total 1 This contains 16 words of substance commencing with “Apologies for the delay in responding” That’s 6 words for a kick off

List inwards from Executive Director Deborah Hart LLB  4/6/2014,21/7/2014, 28/7/2014 (of no real relevance) , 5/8/2014 ( of no real relevance), 18/8/2014, 19/8/2014, Total  4 of relevance   whereas repeated formal requests have been made for the President to answer my correspondence Reminds me of an addage a pommie friend used  about the monkey and the organ grinder.  Maybe he is able but unwilling Surely not when the expectations of the Canterbury EQC claimants are at stake This includes women, children young and old alike

Originally and disappointingly my correspondence was to be tabled 6 days after the Election in which I am trying to gain votes and need the Institutes views However with the recent revelation that my correspondence has been tabled on  8 August 2014 I expected  some answers so we can indulge in the normal election debates There are other members on the Council of the Institute but those contact details are withheld for some reason As an EQC victim needing EQC funded Mediation can you think of one ?  Transparency is paramount for the Institute to continue to be held in high regard

N B  Just in case there be a changing of President of the Institute please ensure both the incoming and outgoing President comment formally or at least on tape please

From the Arbitrators and Mediators Institutes website you can see the full list of speakers both local and international and so I simply ask them also to comment as well.  If you can stand up inside the conference and speak surely you can stand outside the venue and speak to the waiting public and voters of Queenstown who can inform the victims in Christchurch. Additionally many will be flying back through Christchurch and possibly sitting alongside or meeting Canterbury earthquake victims as well Please tell the public what you know about the Institutes view is as the President is sitting on his hands and to do so for much longer may do irrevocable damage to the Institutes (AMINZ) reputation The Institute does have a “ contract” with EQC Lets see it Gerry. Is this available under the Official Information Act which we know now can be achieved in 37 minutes?  However I am not a right wing blogger  Simply  a paid up Selwyn electorate candidate whose first aim is to get my deposit back on election day Early voting is recommended and available  please  Labour has a better plan


Future blog topics to be Team Key and his role as the Minister of Tourism including Health and Safety of the Industry and more , “Nationals Team Key Team Violence”  involving 2 more Cabinet Ministers, Conservation, Environment, my perception of Political bias by Lincoln University, our URGENT need for a Constitution, the “glass ceiling”  etc


Gordon Dickson Associate Member of the Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of New Zealand & New Zealand Labour Party Candidate for the Selwyn Electorate in the 2014 Parliamentary Elections

Rolleston Canterbury New Zealand

E. & O. E.

P S I don’t claim this is perfect but best get the debate started on behalf of the Canterbury and other nationwide EQC victims previously known as clients or customers and a blog seems much better than relying on the N Z media particularly “Radio Live” participants whom when they are able but unwilling to ask the Prime Minister if, after the Auckland Mayoral candidate and former National Party Member of Parliament, being found guilty, he still has confidence in the Minister of Police and National’s East Coast candidate Mrs Anne Tolley of Ohope Beach, in the Bay of Plenty?  When they are asked to do so and fail to do that by default they become an advocate for the National Party in my political opinion

Best also I acknowledge I am an un”Registered”  Quantity Surveyor to avoid the  obvious claim of commercial bias  I am also a Life member of the New Zealand Labour Party having contested two previous parliamentary elections with Labour  Electorate  Committee  References and my deposit back to boot

To those mentioned above The intent of is to genuinely ask you for help move forward the reasonable expectations of the victims of the Canterbury Earthquakes in your capacity as a candidate, an Institute member, an International visiting speaker, a National Party Candidate et al and should not in any way shape or form be considered in a personal sense please. Labour needs to be seen to be doing all it can to help these victims of the EQC and the National Party’s malaise is not the answer Please vote for me

Selwyn Primary School Additional Land Request

To the pair of Selwyn Electorate  voters that proffered by email me their vote  I advise as follows (First time blog)

Natalie of the Electoral Commission has confirmed in the last couple of days that my $300 deposit has been received and my details are in accordance with the legal niceties. I am now officially  a  Candidate for the New Zealand Labour Party for the Selwyn Electorate
I meet the Mayor of the Selwyn District Council  at the Rolleston Residents Association meeting chaired by a gentleman (whom it turns out is also on the Rolleston Primary School Board of Trustees as well )  and Mayor Cole  confirmed to me that he would be making available the Land  Valuations to me  next week and hence I would hand immediately over to the Principal of the school and enable the Rolleston Primary School Board of Trustees to assess the position in the financial sense This was very much their stated concern  in the recent circulated document signed by both the Board Chairperson and the Principal  This would  enable  the Board of Trustees  to see if in some way it could  make this logical addition of land to the children’s  playing area  happen. Much of the current play area  will be gobbled up by additional buildings.  Mayor Cole  additionally confirmed he would not be requiring this information to be subject to a Local Govt Information Act request. I took the precaution of having the Mayor   reiterate this wonderful information  to the gentleman with the above  described combined role straight away  (like immediately).  I am confident he would have relayed this information to the Board and it would be recorded in the minutes of which you will have a copy (or at least know where to get them  )

The next day I  formally  informed  the Mayor that I would be calling by the Council next Wednesday to collect what he had proffered to be available .To my dismay I received formal (text) advise that the Mayors  position had changed without any explanation two days later.

I subsequently formally asked to be invited  to attend the next Rolleston Primary Board of Trustees Additionally I  rang and spoke to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees whom agreed to drop by my office next time in “Rolly” I am confident she will do so soon

I additionally asked for 3 minutes speaking time at the next Board of Trustees meeting  in my email This email remains unanswered at time of writing

Do I get the two votes for this attempt ?

Gordon J Dickson N Z  Labour Party Rolleston

p s it is with regret that I advise you repeated attempts to raise the Labour profile/message  have been met with no success with the Press and CTV  Hence the blog