Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty and another year with little change

To my fellow Ohope Beach residents, Ohope Chartered Club Inc. members  and visitors

1 Myself , the NZ Police department in Whakatane and surely my fellow Ohope Chartered Club Incorporated members, including my fellow “Foundation Member”s all await the outcome of the committees unnecessarily and unjustly delayed deliberations after yet another incident of absolutely appalling, witnessed by four, threatening behaviour. Alcohol is purely and simply a drug being peddled from the currently licensed premises and causes lots of problems in our community including domestic violence and hardship amongst children in Ohope Beach

It is high time the “Foundation” members stepped up to the acting club official of an unclear status and member Trevor Hart, the other current committee members and said surely you are doing all you can to help the N Z Police with their enquiries. Apathy is not the answer.

The truth will out


2 It is also high time the Ohope Beach Lions Club International Incorporated re-provided the N Z  Police with copies of their numerous statements relating to their blood letting behaviour on the Maraetotara Reserve. It is not to hard to press print or make a photocopy. You are or were a service group. Now it is known the N Z Police have “inadvertently” lost (or cant/don’t want to  find) your many statements not once but twice then you also must want to be seen to be helping the N Z Police with their enquiries.

3 It is also not appropriate that our National Party Cabinet Minister Mrs Anne Tolley utilises the Maraetotatara Reserve for access for residential dwelling construction works involving tradies vehicles and material deliveries. Still more reason not to trust our Members of Parliament.

M P Anne should lead by example not exhibition.

Anne you have been twice challenged to debate with me in the Ohope Hall and at best you can be described as cowering away

4 Currently an application is with a legally funded “Foundation” so we can see for all times if our Mayor Anthony Bonne can be forced to plead to criminal charges  relating to his election success. The legal opinion from the Crown law office is nigh due also. He should just do the right thing but has been asked by me to resign and wont.

Those whom continually vote for Mayor Bonne should have a good long look at yourselves in the mirror


5 I contested the last Parliamentary Election for Labour in the Selwyn Electorate and compared to the two no win opportunities in the 1990’s it was “filthy” and once my “status” has been resolved within the New Zealand Labour Party’s Constitutional arrangements involving my fellow party members Geoffrey Palmer, Paul Tolich as well as two other “LLB’s” so all members are treated the same and Caucus members including the M P for Hutt South Trevor Mallard (and many others)  are not treated differently, perchance another attempt is on the cards? I told Andrew Little when we meet at the University of Canterbury to clean out his “settled” Caucus or I would do it for him. As can be seen they are jumping before being pushed.

The world is changing both environmentally and politically

Time to make up your mind Do you want to be a winner like Donald or a loser like Hillary?

“No Nukes”, Ohope Chartered Club Incorporated “Foundation Member # 428”  and NZ Labour Party Member # 450393 since the 1980″s