Dunedin & Otago Morale Decay

There is acknowledged morale decay in our Dunedin & Otago society.
Let’s look at another local example involving a locally based “Club” with a lot of roar, teeth, claws and wildness about them. This group who may well be an Incorporated Society, which please note the Bill of, is at the Select Committee stage, so good idea you pay attention there to please.
So, this group clawed its way into the possession of dozens item supplied by and in good faith from both the public and a large north Dunedin establishment as well and publicly advertised them for sale. So, in search of a few items, I duly attended the Dunedin sale venue, purchased a few items paid in full in “foldies” then and there. I walked away with what I was able to carry. Principally an electric “weed wacker”
I was assured by the mature sounding members of this so called collective, [gang is another word that comes to mind,] that the bulky items could and indeed would be delivered “next week”. I also watched my “dosh” transferred from one member to another who took it away inside. I then left them with and as requested both a carefully written down delivery address and a phone number and waited and waited and yes you guessed it, I am still waiting some 15 or so months later.
So, this matter has been placed in the hands of their Illinois based legal team of the head office of this” International” organisation.
This is not the first time this miscreant like group has found itself being addressed by the legal team from the head office. My correspondence has acknowledged as having been received by head office. This being in Illinois, USA.
What is it best described as, when a so called “Club” takes money and then keeps both the donated by the public etc goods and the money. In this case my money!

Doctors, Dentists & Nurses Dunedin University of Otago Chancellor to respond soon????

Afternoon all,

We were all made well aware that we have a shortage of Doctors, Dentists and Nurses here in Dunedin Hence the University of Otago Chancellor now has a formal request in front of him to put our, and in the case of the recently upgraded and extended dental school,  training facilities to two shifts. Lets await the response shall we?

Merry Xmas from Menz Summit

Menz Summit wishes everyone a very merry Xmas, especially those fathers alienated from their own children .At a time of year when family connection is heightened and children seek reassurance that both parents are needed for their development, family devastation causes much difficulty. Father Xmas and his brothers are well aware of this tragedy.
In the New Year, such important issues concerning the welfare of men and boys will be raised at the Menz Summit 2020 on Friday 3rd April at the Glenview Club in Hamilton. Be sure to bring friends associates and women who are aware of harm caused to their brothers, uncles, fathers, boyfriends, and new husbands.
From 6:00pm on Thursday 2nd April, there will be a meet and greet in the Riverview. Room where the programme will happen the following day.
On Friday, the 3rd the speakers, workshops, videos, and discussions will be staged between morning and afternoon tea and lunch, Dinner and social fun will be optional.
On Saturday 4th is lunch, the pool tournament and Chiefs v Bulls rugby for those who choose.
Please inform others and post this on sites available. The full programme, registration, and further information will be available in the New Year.
See you there!

Summer Concert Gibbston Valley Coach Trip 18/1/2020

Coach Trip Offered To Gibbston Valley Summer Concert On Saturday 18 January 2020 And Returning After Concert.
Collected from “Dunnas” and “en route”. Returning after concert.
Cost $80 per person return.
Must have sense of humour and no pissheads thank you
“P C” persons supplied with duct tape and handkerchief autographed by Alan Jones
Experienced Coach Driver
Enclosed baggage trailer available for chairs etc
Email gordondicksonqs@outlook.com or phone 0274443820

N Z Elections 2019 Local body – Voided or all good?

Hon D Parker, 22 October 2019
Attorney General & N Z Labour Party List Member of Parliament,
d.parker@ministers.govt.nz Phone +64 4 817 8710


Hello David,
I believe that early on Saturday morning 12 October 2019 the Otago Daily Times issued its newspaper advising voters that it was still possible to vote at the non-main Dunedin City Council complex in the Octagon Dunedin
This was much much later countermanded by the DCC election staff. The distribution and possible effect of this countermanding is unknown at this time
I believe this may have had the effect of preventing eligible voters from exercising their democratic rights
I believe there is only till this Friday for an appeal to be lodged
Please urgently have your staff investigate, produce a legal opinion, send it to me and all the candidates with due particularity so they can decide if there are enough grounds for an appeal to the District Court
Yours faithfully,

Gordon J Dickson, AAMINZ, MNZIQS & Co-Chair NCOMONZ
46 Gamma St
Email gjd748@uclive.ac.nz

Firewood “Combo” For Sale Dunedin New Zealand

For sale
Firewood – Macrocarpa 1.1 m3 dry and split for decent sized fire (other loads for smaller fires available upon request) complete with 3 boxes of kindling and fire starters. Some but not all kindling has small nails as recycled timber. Fundraiser for the National Council of Men’s 5th Annual Summit to be held in Hamilton, Waikato during the first weekend in April 2020
Contact Gordon Dickson 0274443820 or gjd748@uclive.ac.nz

Celebration of Democracy Dance Party This Saturday Night University Oval Dunedin

WHERE? University of Otago Rugby Union Football Clubrooms, Third Floor (There is a lift) University Oval, (Opposite the Long Room), Butt Road, or use Logan Park Drive, Dunedin, OTAGO
WHEN? Saturday Night 12 October 2019
Starts 730 p m till Midnight – Dance music happening (No Rap!)
WHY? Because Democracy is important to Kiwi’s
Licensed Bar available. Reasonable Prices.
Men a plate please. Bar meals available at reasonable prices No such thing as “a free lunch”
Entry Fees: Adults $20, Men with a plate $15, Superannuants with Gold Card $15 & “Scarfies” $10 with Student Card I D No door sales whatsoever!
Gather some friends interested in Democracy and make a night of “exercise and diet” Start practising now! To book a table get in touch please
Prizes for best homemade “Donald”, “Come as are you are”, “Vice-versa”, “Charlie Watts” & “Joan Armatrading” costumes & an “Air Guitar” competition.
“Be there or be square”
Name tags at the door Bookings necessary
Internationally experienced compere en-route
Candidate Gordon J. aka “Flash” Dickson for Southern District Health Board & Otago Regional Council, AAMINZ, MNZIQS, Co-Chair National Council of Men of NZ. E & O E This notice dated 8/10/2019
Sponsors enquiries welcome (please) to gjd748@uclive.ac.nz
Details on my blog: gordondickson.blogtown.co.nz and Facebook but venue and music confirmed. First dance song sponsored (Ten bucks) ZZ Top Legs (Dance) Version. Second dance song also sponsored (Ten bucks) Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits. Where is your money please?
Initial Sponsor (Venue Fees) Mainland Partners Ltd, OTAGO, New Zealand

Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of N Z Annual Conference Dunedin 2021

It is my pleasure to announce that as an Associate Member I have formally approached both the President and the new Executive Director of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand to hold our 2021 Conference in Dunedin Our envisaged partner programme will be excellent as well
I genuinely see ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) as a solution to avoiding the long running and expensive (Lawyers & Courts) construction disputes and we want to avoid disputes on the new Dunedin Hospital project. Monthly Mediations even??

Australian Aviation Passenger Safety

Unnecessarily Frightening Experience Airport Health & Safety Debacle                                                                  Australia                                

a.m. Sunday 14 April 2019

0905-0910 a m Arrive Brisbane International Airport, Eagle Farm, Brisbane Australia on Virgin flight VA120 from Dunedin in New Zealand

Exited plane along with everyone else

0915 Picked up a couple of bottles of Baileys at Duty Free

Then walked on and head for the passport control. Initial alarm sounded about this same time

Alarms and audio messages that followed were spasmodic and unclear causing more uncertainty

Find the correct lane and insert my passport as were heaps of others in the slot to get my little multi coloured card confirming I am a fine upstanding person

More alarms and public announcement messages

I was expecting appointed and trained fire wardens to appear from everywhere and identify themselves with arm bands or similar and lead us all to safety

No such luck Just standing there idly waiting for the passport inserted in the slot to produce a little piece of coloured cardboard

Not sure if the alarm had frozen the card producing device or not No help forthcoming and only one uninformed visible female staff person off to my right

General uneasiness existed as we awaited help Everyone looking at each other with uncertainty

0925 a.m. Aussie woman called “Danielle” X in a Border Control uniform takes my mobile phone of me and requires me to delete one of the two the videos I taken. One in Duty Free and one outside of same. I took these on the matter of passenger safety. I took the videos to present to the appropriate authorities, so this never happens again

It was farcical that this level of behaviour existed in 2019

There was a Chinese airliner arriving at the same time and those passengers were milling around the entry to the lanes with the overhead signage to get to passport control

0929 Message over the loud speaker that a “sprinkler” pipe or head had been severed in “Zone 5” with a lady’s voice on more than one occasion

There were other messages telling us the leave the area including telling staff to leave as well. This to all intents and purposes appeared to happen. By this I mean the staff!

Overhead someone say “go through” the “grey double doors” back the way we had come but people were reluctant so when I did push the doors open and leave the main hall into the corridor there was no one there and no signage to say the fire exits were to the right or the left More confusion

More confusion as most people headed left. All that eventually achieved was another pointless circuit back through the Duty Free to which we were again welcomed by the numerous awaiting retail staff The alarm would have been audible to this area as well!

A tall swarvy gent of normal build about 45 – 50 with an accent who looked completely at ease as did his staff and was making no effort to leave audible re-welcomed us Perhaps he was expecting more sales?

During this circular traipse and before re-entering Duty Free I did ask a uniformed lady, whom looked Indian about 30 years of age with long hair to me, who was alighting from the stairwell from the ground level which could have been used to get us all  to safety, where to go and she pointed me in the direction of the Duty Free store. She was in the company of a stout European uniformed male about 35 to 50 years of age. This being the very same direction those ahead of me were heading

So, we all walked back out into the same Passport entry control area via the Duty-Free area having walked in a needless oval

0934 a m Seemed far from certain that anyone was in charge but blokes in uniforms started to appear and looked like Police officers

0942 a m Staff told to re-enter level one but us the passenger never left!! Most of us but note, not all, had walked around in a needless circle at time of risk while in the care of an immense and legislatively required Health & Safety system. Well supposedly so?

Whilst we were waiting at the number “2” baggage carousel upon which rested an initial few items of baggage the loud speaker lady apologised twice on behalf of Virgin Airlines and the Chinese Airlines which is demonstrably improvable as it was the airports fault not the airline

Another example of let’s do nothing and then when we do, we place the blame on someone else Again demonstrably improvable

As I said to Danielle I could have been burnt to death while the staff rested in total safety elsewhere!!

Gordon J Dickson AAMINZ, MNZIQS

260 Pohutukawa Avenue, Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

This is written on the morning of the 16th from the notes I took at the time and my recollection

E & O. E.