Dunedin & Otago Morale Decay

There is acknowledged morale decay in our Dunedin & Otago society.
Let’s look at another local example involving a locally based “Club” with a lot of roar, teeth, claws and wildness about them. This group who may well be an Incorporated Society, which please note the Bill of, is at the Select Committee stage, so good idea you pay attention there to please.
So, this group clawed its way into the possession of dozens item supplied by and in good faith from both the public and a large north Dunedin establishment as well and publicly advertised them for sale. So, in search of a few items, I duly attended the Dunedin sale venue, purchased a few items paid in full in “foldies” then and there. I walked away with what I was able to carry. Principally an electric “weed wacker”
I was assured by the mature sounding members of this so called collective, [gang is another word that comes to mind,] that the bulky items could and indeed would be delivered “next week”. I also watched my “dosh” transferred from one member to another who took it away inside. I then left them with and as requested both a carefully written down delivery address and a phone number and waited and waited and yes you guessed it, I am still waiting some 15 or so months later.
So, this matter has been placed in the hands of their Illinois based legal team of the head office of this” International” organisation.
This is not the first time this miscreant like group has found itself being addressed by the legal team from the head office. My correspondence has acknowledged as having been received by head office. This being in Illinois, USA.
What is it best described as, when a so called “Club” takes money and then keeps both the donated by the public etc goods and the money. In this case my money!

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