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University of Canterbury/Campus Living Villages (NZ) Ltd and International Students in Halls of Residence
Compare below reasonable expectations of Kiwis to that of an international student whilst visiting our shores as our guest
This is my experience
International student spills milk throughout refrigerator including across the food of others in January 2015
Was asked to clean it up deteriorating milk and several times to. Fails to do so. The residue remains there today!! It is now August. That’s February, March, April, May, June, July and for clarity it is now August
Put a note on the door asking this student to clean it up. Student walks past this note every time leaving apartment and ignores it.
Asked Campus Living Villages (N Z) Ltd (CLV) to get this student to clean it up
CLV agreed formally to facilitate an apartment meeting. They were not telling the truth. Kiwis have a word for this to.
C L V staff then agreed to hold a meeting with this international student. I have no idea if this meeting ever took place. Given the filthy unhygienic mess remains there today. Please remember it is now August. I doubt it
Asked for another refrigerator for safe hygienic storage of food. This twice made request was declined by CLV.
This student refuses to put the rubbish out, has to be asked to mop up the bathroom after using it so subsequent users don’t slip. Does so half heartedly
When asked to contribute his share and buy his multi packet of toilet rolls after using that purchased by the other flatmates this student refused and got really really really upset about it.
Refuses to use the vacuum cleaner, refuses to take a turn cleaning the floor and the shower between CLV cleanings. Refuses/fails to put out the recycling, declines to contribute to the dishwasher liquid to clean up the living area and kitchen area, walks around the bags of rubbish tied up from the white bins put beside the door when leaving the apartment.
The recent formal viewpoint of the University Council was that I should contact the “landlord’’ Does it appear to the ordinary reader that that avenue has been well canvassed/utilised/ explored/exhausted etc. Amazing. One would hope Council is not displaying discernment?
Would it therefore come as any surprise to my fellow student and UCSA election voter that there is now another layer of orangy coloured food spread/spilt atop the first layer?
In New Zealand we have a word for this. It starts with “bl” and ends with “er” Please consider respecting our culture and our way of life whilst you are in visitor to Aotearoa.
The candidates for the UCSA elections, particularly the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, are invited to comment as to what they would do about this ongoing unhealthy, unwarranted, unhygienic situation if elected to the next/new/envigorated/ ”dedicated” executive. This is awaited.
Finally if you are an international student who has come from an environment where you are able to have everything done for you +/or treat woman as second class citizens then please go along to the next Femsoc evening and watch and listen to what happens when you espouse your male gender superior entitlement viewpoint.
“No Nukes” University of Canterbury Kiwi Student # 8682928 5/7/2015

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