University of Canterbury Student Association Election Debate #1 Blog #22

University of Canterbury UCSA First Election debate casual observation by voter 11/8/15
Dismally attended. Approximately 40 students considered their future was worth an hour of their time. Appalling disrespectful behaviour by supposed/purported kiwi adults!! Or 0.003% of eligible voters!! The years one and two voters where singled out in particular. To the individual U C student it is for you to decide which category you fit into; apathetic, insular, selfish, uncaring, me me me, etc. Perhaps more than one of the listed entitlements may fit many thousands of my fellow students.
It was videoed and the current President will be asked to confirm when this will be online
The Chairperson whom I observed was not, to the best of my knowledge, a member of UCSA played an unusual role
If I may be so bold, this member of the Law Faculty, who shall remain anonymous, (well in the interim any way) whose practice of asking the assembled candidates for Vice President and Financial Officer positions, the pre-circulated questions in the same order allowed the second speaker to turn, his or her turn at the lectern, so to speak, (none of them could actually muster the strength to stand up and address the voters) the unabated opportunity to, in point of fact, have a “right of reply” afforded him or her. I observed notes being taken by one subsequent candidate whilst another competitor spoke.
Perhaps in a school marm fashion this learned gentleman will accept a ruler like “rap over the knuckles” of the metaphorical sort and improve his interpretation of his quasi like statutory role. I would plead /challenge him to adopt another statutory style of interpretation towards the very purpose of the debate platform. In short a level playing field. (Humour) My C+ is looking like am H- Surely I have not doubly jeopardised myself? (Humour)
Then the same gentleman took it upon himself to ask a considerable number of question when I as a UCSA member had a number myself.
I wanted to ask about the overdue Huntsoc/New Zealand Mountain Safety Council matter before the USCA and the already formally asked questions of the candidates regarding the “racist” allegations directed at myself. The current and finally acknowledged by the University of Canterbury “conflict of interest” questions of both the UCSA President and UC Councillor John Woods. Etc
Of course this learned gentleman/debate chairperson is offered the “right of reply” and it is only fair that he should grab it with his keyboard. They say “fortune favours the bold”
As to the result of today’s debate. A draw which is good for those without existing time on the current UCSA. Let’s hope in tomorrow’s debate the two principle protagonists address the questions they have in their inbox already. Today’s debate certainly lacked verve and strength of debate. It resembled a “powder puff derby”!
“No Nukes” UC Student Number 86829284 and undecided voter

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