Jobs for Dunedin, Otago???

The need to retain jobs in our region is not disputed. Recently I went and visited the Wests Soft Drinks and Cordial factory in “South D” and after speaking to the owner sent him an email with a view to him retailing his products here on campus at the University of Otago I do not like Coke anyways and prefer Sarsaparilla Some products are already used in the accommodation Halls Alas no response although as a minimum the OUSA would support such a move even if it was to put drink dispensers in their various buildings. Do we want to work or not? We simply must support our local produce. At least I tried, are you?

“Settled Caucus”, Andrew Little LLB/ N Z Labour Party’s Ruling Council

Forgive me if I am mistaken but did Andrew Little LLB not tell the N Z public, voters and Party Members alike that he had a “settled Caucus” Seems what he said then is ┬ánot what has transpired with first Phil Goff, ┬áDavid Shearer, David Cunliffe and with no public statements from the Party’s ruling Council telling the public, voters and party members alike that this is the final resignation.
We are in opposition and have been for almost a decade now We need new ideas and those coming from the Sector Councils must be listened to from now on and not ignored as has been the practice in the past
As can be seen from below Jacinda Ardern has no comment to make on the “Rules of Natural Justice”