Christchurch Building Proposal Edmonds Baking Powder Factory

Edmonds Baking Powder Factory Building

Why can it not be sure to rise again?
They say fortune favours the bold
What I am proposing is to recreate the missing iconic building the Christchurch skyline had and has been missing for far too long. This being the Edmonds Baking Powder Factory. Well in external appearance only.
On the face of it looks as if the opportunity exists to have
Option a) 4 Ground and 5 first floor offices with 5 penthouses above,
Or b) Four ground floor offices with 5 first floor apartments and atopped by 5 penthouses,
Or c) 14 apartments,
Or d) all offices,
Or e) as the market dictates.
So let us see what the market requires?
Please send me an email saying what you want, what floor level and how many square metres you want.
Additionally need land so any landowners out there in and around the city interested in participating please email me too.
Finally is there an anchor tenant out there wanting something historic, recognisable and wanting to re-establish back in Christchurch? Please email me.

Gordon J Dickson Associate A.M.I.N.Z. 2 August 2015

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