University of Canterbury Students Association Second 2015 Executive Election #26

University of Canterbury Students Association whose second 2015 Executive election for which nominations opened yesterday are refusing to make formally requested Nomination forms available and by doing so are bringing the name of the Students Association into further disrepute. People are laughing at the Executive. This is again embarrassing. The contact details of the Returning Officer are being withheld. This means this election is irregular already and therefore the executive should seek another legal opinion to see if this election is invalid already and should be cancelled too. Please remember the Executive headed by “President two pay packets” is refusing to make available the supposed legal opinion that they are relying on to cancel the last election. The members of the Students Association all 12,000 of us cannot say for sure if such a legal opinion exists because we cannot see it. The is an Official Information Act request with the University of Canterbury about this possible ” legal”  opinion but there are already irregularities as to how that is being dealt with. Soon we can have our third election Perhaps a fourth or fifth?

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