Men’s Summit Dunedin 12 April 19

From the Co-ordinators – Men’s Summit

Monday 24 February

Men’s Summit Goes South
The New Zealand Men’s Summit 2019 is going south this year to Otago University Rugby clubrooms in Dunedin on Friday 12 April.
It’s time to recognise the male contribution to society as Men Matter Too.
Following successful Men’s Summits in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, the move to Dunedin is a great opportunity to broaden your men’s network and spend time in the deep South.
Whether you crash on a mate’s couch, in a cabin, or at a motel, the organisers urge you to get a cheap flight or make the road trip to connect to a varied and informative program. Later in the day there is opportunity for your input to help redress the pressures males find themselves under.
Many women support men in the drive to real gender equality. They also see governmental neglect and judicial abuse that has delivered high male suicide and defathered families as a serious threat to the wellbeing of their sons, grandsons, brothers and uncles. Intelligent observers are aware of the disengagement of males from society. Not good news for females either.
If you are in Dunedin on Thursday prior, there is a meet and greet at the University Rugby Clubrooms from 5.00pm. Refreshments will be available. Casual lunch and tea is included in the cost for Friday. Socialising and entertainment follows a stimulating day.
See the program and rego to be setup by the end of the month on websites for Men’s Summit, Menz Issues and Families 4 Justice or txt your email address to co-ordinators to get your info.
Send this release and program and rego on to friends, media websites and other interested parties.
See you in Dunedin!

Gordon Dickson 027 444 3820
Kerry Bevin 022 594 8093