CIV-2017-009-331 DistrictCourt

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This recent Court decision has ramifications for Mediations, which include three professional bodies, AMINZ, IPENZ, ACENZ.

I need the Court “transcript” urgently from Judge MACASKILL of the District Court, who ensured the Court was cleared before the hearing. The Judge announced formally that I have insufficient reasons for wanting it made available to me.  What do you think after reading below?

To Canterbury, Wellington and Kaikoura earthquake event victims,

Clause 18 of the “Short Form Agreement for Consultant Engagement” “The Parties shall attempt in good faith to settle any dispute by mediation.” What does “shall” mean legally?

Do you think a Member of Parliament should help the Judicial process or not? I want pages “2” “3” “4” “5” & “6” from the Discovery process

The judge has got this wrong and wouldn’t allow my own professional body, the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute to intervene.

In my opinion, by not releasing the transcript the Judge has stopped me from putting it on my blog or Facebook and has interfered with this week’s  election process.

No “discourse” from the supposed social consciences of NZ society being the University of Otago Faculties of Law or Politics? Royal Commission inquiry into the current restriction in place by the Faculties of Law at the Universities has restricted the number of graduates, therefore the restriction is the principal reason why ‘access to justice’ is denied to the citizens of this nation. The Minister has been formally asked to commence this Royal Commission. “Justice delayed is justice denied ”

My lawyer is suspended

I have had an email “authorised” by the party concerned warning me to be careful as to what I say or they mighty seek a “remedy”

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