Election Officers Donna, Kyla President Hugh et al,

This is what really happens during an OUSA election at the University of Otago.
One. I get an email from the Proctor Dave Scott whom says he wants to call upon his office. I ask by email what for. He says by email he doesnt want to discuss the matter by email. I say by email do I need to bring a lawyer and is the matter criminal or civil? He says by email neither?? (Didnt now there were other kinds till now) So I ask OUSA to attend who say they cant as I am a candidate unless I get permission. So I goes to the Proctors office and he is not available. So I goes to OUSA whom are out. So I goes back to the Proctor myself and he interrogates me for almost ten minutes but refuses to say what he wants to see me for at all. I explained to him that he was the one who asked me to come and he was the one who wouldnt put wouldn’t put pen to paper and after being cross examined for almost ten minutes I still was really none the wiser as to why I was there . I tells him he is bound by the Official Information Act and by not coming out with the truth at this time he would have to be answerable to an Act of Parliament and additionally risked bringing the name of the University of Otago into disrepute both here and internationally. Still he wouldn’t tell me what I was sequestered for. So the application under the Official Information Act 1982 is now in the office off Chancellor John Gray
Two. As all the candidates know I found a sponsor to put $200 for an after the election results were announced social gathering with a few beers and some grub.
The money was duly delivered a long time ago to the OUSA CEO Deborah in cash. Now I get an email just now saying they have done nothing whatsoever and it is up to me to do it What is wrong with a small celebration at the end of a hard fought campaign Chance to congratulate the winners and thank those who got less than first? Other Universities have such similar events annually. I dont even know where the money has gone to now ???????? Where does on get a Liquor licence in less than 60 minutes – Online?
Three. Next I am told just now the OUSA will not allow scrutineers to ensure the vote count is open and transparent as it should be in a truly democratic country like New Zealand.
Four. I have been to the Faculty of Law previously to seek some Constitutional advice but the shutters went up faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”
Five. I went to Critic to ask them to cover the defection of one of the Unity Party members but they told me that they couldnt talk to me, I had best leave the building, would not be covering the defection and hence have become an advocate for the Unity’s party and hence have influenced the outcome of the election. This despite the statement of the Returning officer team
“Critic has full media independence”

Welcome to the University of Otago where the motto states “Dare to be wise”

Vice Presidential Candidate OUSA Elections 2017
Gordon J Dickson, Assoc. AMINZ,Student #4860640

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