CIV 2017 009 331 Update & Givealittle plea

I have been repeatedly and formally asking Judge MACASKILL for the transcript. He has formally refused to give it to me despite the other party having no objections to my having it. Will try again today with even more material reasons and yes as the Plaintiff I would like to have it read it and maybe take advice to consider where to go next
I would like to thank the the 7 people who have donated so far to my Givealittle page as I have settled yesterday
Have had an email from one of the three Institutes but not my own, AMINZ, disappointingly and sadly. Too late to be of any use in the District Court matter but dont know why they just all didn’t jump in to the District Court or at least try. It is their words in the Short Form of Consultant Agreement I was seeking to be held to and not held to be of little to no worth . More to follow

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