Candidate for National John Key “Dirty Politics” and the “gullible” “lazy” New Zealand media

Candidate for National John Key “Dirty Politics” and the “gullible” “lazy” New Zealand media 11/9/2014 Blog # 8

If there is nothing else you do as an eligible voter before voting please read chapters 11, 12 and the Afterwood of the book “Dirty Politics” by Nicky Hager and you will see for all time the candidate John Key, his Prime Ministers office staffer Jason Ede, candidate Judith Collins and the Farrar/ Slater blogger connection. Essentially in my political view big business have poured millions of dollars into a campaign via a blogging system to ensure the public/voters are feed excreta to ensure that you dont vote!!!!!!!!! Think about it please From this National cannot ever escape the conclusion they have lost respect for the citizens of N Z. i. e. The right to exercise the VOTE. By sitting home between now and the closing of the polls on Election Day N Z’ers will be seen by the young and future generations as being accepting of this exposed attempt by the National Party. Voter apathy is not the answer. Is it too much to expect the voters to walk down to the local hall or school and vote every three years? A non-vote is a Nat vote in my political opinion

. The “lazy” “gullible” media swallowed this excreta and feed it to you in spades and many of you believed it. I never believe what is written in the newspaper do you ? Well you shouldn’t I assure you Don’t condone the National Party’s actions! Where are the comments by the National Party’s Board of Directors Peter et al ? Muzzled ? Surely this is not allowed by Nationals Constitution or is it ? Why are the media not asking these Board Members ? Lazy in my view. I wrote to Nationals Board about candidate Collins and if you cup your hands you can read the reply

Also the names candidate ‘’Anne Tolley”,page 42, retiring cabinet Minister “Tony Ryall”, page 131, and candidate “Amy Juliet Adams”, LLB, page 48 & 49, feature in the book too. I have the pleasure of contesting the Selwyn seat against Nationals candidate Adams. To candidate Tolley and candidate Adams, John Key has been formally, email and fast post, been repeatedly asked if he has confidence in you two cabinet Ministers. As I haven’t heard from John I assume he has not. I agree with John The Minister of Police has been asleep at the wheel of the Police Portfolio for far too long. As to candidate Adams the filthy polluted rivers speak for themselves. I am still trying to get to the bottom of possible conflicts of interest candidate Adams. The public doesn’t want any more candidate Collins “Aravida” examples. Perhaps you could reassure the Selwyn voters you have none please candidate Amy.

I can confirm that I asked another “gullible” media representative at our Labour Congress in early July to ask the Prime Minister if he had confidence in the Ministers of Police Anne Tolley and get back to me. He looked remarkably like Barry Soper of Newstalk Z B but he failed to do so. Why? Perhaps another “lazy” and “gullible” media representative ?

As we can see by candidate Tolleys former party member and former National cabinet Minister John Banks guilty verdict in the Auckland court, it took a member of the public to get the prosecution completed. Shame on you candidate Tolley. That is the Police role in society to prosecute offences not the publics. How can the officers of the N Z Constabulary have confidence in yet another candidate Collins like incompetent Cabinet Minister? In short they don’t. We know another former cabinet Minister Maurice Williamson can ring up the Police and then has to resign How many Ministers is that to go now?

To my knowledge there have been over 113 complaints relating to breaches of the Electoral Act and candidate Tolley sits there, takes the millions and watches democracy fall away on her supposed watch. (More on this) Perhaps she could tell us voters what she knows about the Farrar/ Slater blogs and their National Party sources. Just asking candidate Tolley. I know of three partial Police nvestigations carried out in her neck of the woods, Ohope Beach in the Bay of Plenty where I also have to a vote and must choose from Labours Mackey, Nationals Tolley, Greens Maclean et al Tough choice presently as you will see below

As I have said I have a vote in the East Coast electorate. I challenge all candidates to formally provide me with your view on the recent court case involving Mayor Anthony Bonne and whether or not the Crown Law office should pick up and pursue this like they did with former National Party cabinet Minister Banks Is it a criminal offence? What do you think please candidates? See the Labour Party Candidates website for my email address

In particular why were the ratepayers forced to pay for candidate Anthony Bonnes legal fees, as a candidate he was the one who “overspent” and I believe at this time the ratepayers also paid the legal fees for the third party ????? to the action in the Whakatane District Court in front of Judge Thomas (with whom I am acquainted). More to come on this your Honour. This was in right in front of the Minister Tolley who will trot out the old “It’s an Operational matter” One or two breaches not over 110 candidate Tolley. No, not at the moment “candidate Tolley”. My view is you can buy the Mayoral chains and the then Minister will sit and endorse it by her exposed lack commitment to the N Z democratic system. Labour will restore democracy

What is apparent is that the media have been found out not to know the difference between fact and fiction. That can only reflect upon their intelligence or training. Of note is the closeness of TV3’s “Patrick Gower” along with Judith Collins to blogger Slater. It comes as no surprise. Brings into question T V 3 & “Campbell live” Also this programme was also formally and by hand asked to ask questions of candidate Key?????? Are the media afraid of candidate Key?

“gullible’ quote from Paul Henry whom also get a mention in the book???

‘’lazy” quote from my unanswered “grow a pair” email to Radio Live, that candidate Cunliffe has unwisely commented but his “apology” is expected sooner rather than later David. You have been formally asked to apologise for your “personal” comments on T V last Saturday evening in my last unanswered letter to you, David Cunliffe, David Parker, LLB, and all my fellow N Z Labour Party candidates. Cat got your tongues fellow candidates ??

To my leaders David Cunliffe and David Parker if you want to play Dirty Politics? I’m in. Tell the public and voters what you know about the “rogue campaign manager” for my fellow candidate Moana Mackey. Please candidates Cunliffe and Parker LLB. This correspondence by email and hard copy started months ago!

I await the requested replies and the ‘’apology”

More to come and if you have finished the book “Dirty Politics” about the John Key and the “Dirty Politics” National Party, please pass it on Get out and vote

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Gordon Dickson Life Member of the New Zealand Labour Party and Environmentalist


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