Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Part 2

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Part 2 10/9/2014 0830

Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of New Zealand response to the “Kirwee Example”

To be read in conjunction with my post below dated 29 August 2014 titled

“EQC & AMINZ Mediations paid for by the Earthquake Commission”

In the next paragraph is the response from the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ) to my below post re the worth or otherwise of an EQC paid (tax payer money) for Mediation not being honoured by EQC. Essentially the Institute completely fails to address part two of my blog (titled above) re EQC paying for a mediation by a member of their own (and mine) institute (AMINZ)and reaching a formalised settlement agreement. Then EQC wont honour it? This forces the customer to have to take legal action at huge expense (lawyers are not inexpensive) to enforce the mediation agreement. It may well finish up costing more for the legal battle than to repair the “Kirwee” dwelling

“Dear Mr Dickson

Council convened on 22 August. Included in the matters it considered was your correspondence.

Council has asked me to convey to you that Councillors received and read all your correspondence and Council discussed the issues you raised extensively. It has asked me to advise you that access to mediation is governed by EQC. The appointment of mediators to the Mediation Panel is governed by AMINZ.

Yours sincerely

Deborah Hart LLB”

65 words and 20 of relevance Not good enough in my view sirs

I have received no response or assistance from the National Party’s candidate and Minister of Earthquake Recovery Candidate Gerry Brownlee nor disappointingly Labours newly appointed Earthquake Recovery spokesperson List M P and my fellow New Zealand Labour Party Candidate Clayton Cosgrove. So to the pair of you please prove you are both literate and send your responses to me at For the pair of you to fail to do so would enable the voters to consider your commitment or otherwise to the Canterbury earthquake victims. If you have no comments before the election to enable the voters to judge whether to vote for you or not it begs the question what would you be like after the election? Come on fellow candidates I have two votes myself Please show respect to that and to the people of Canterbury

I have just discovered we have a new Arbitrators and Mediators Institute President Wellington Barrister David Patten LLB and Vice President Auckland Barrister John Walton LLB, both “prominent” Barristers whom I implore to comment in more detail than the above 20 words of no real relevance response by the Executive officer Deborah Hart, LLB. What is the point of going to institute facilitated mediation when EQC can sign up and then back away with from supplying the monies reasonably envisaged to be the purpose of the mediation agreement in the first place ???

To the recipients of the “Kirwee example” EQC mediation I apologise on behalf of my fellow institute members whom I am sure will want to discuss this next week at our AMINZ function I am myself committed to the earthquake recovery as I trust you can see from above Please may I have your vote and anyone not enrolled please do so by phoning 0800 36 76 56 or by going online and downloading the enrolment form Value the vote Remember this is the only region in New Zealand where you don’t get a Regional Council vote. A
continued position promoted by my fellow candidate Mrs Amy Adams LLB. Labour will change that. This region is best aligned with the voting abilities of the balance of New Zealand don’t you think ???

There are a lot of “LLB’’’s in this ????

Gordon Dickson AAMINZ



Authorised by Gordon John Dickson 6a Kidman Street Rolleston Canterbury New Zealand

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