Law and Order Disappearing under National & under your watch candidate Tolley

Law and Order Disappearing under National & under your watch candidate Tolley

To Nationals East Coast candidate Tolley and Labours candidate Moana Mackey

From my environmental and voter perspective and in relation to the publically owned Maraetotara Reserve in Ohope Beach vested in Council just like Reserves are all over New Zealand including the Selwyn electorate. Twice recently I have placed, and paid for, advertisements in the Public Notices of the Whakatane Beacon asking for the OHOPE LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL (Possibly) INCORPORATED to advise me and the general public which legal firm represents them. To date no reply whatsoever. Begs the questions are they still represented by the same lawyer as before and why they would want legal representation in the first place? Further begs the question as to what it is in the psychological make up that attracts members of candidate Tolley’s National Party local members to the Lions Clubs and vice versa. So to candidate Tolley and retiring Cabinet Minister Tony Ryall please tell the public and voters how many and on how many occasions have the members of your local National Party members in both Whakatane and Ohope Beach been required to give formal statements to the New Zealand Police in Whakatane. Of the Ohope Beach Lions Club International I ask the same. Candidate Tolley perhaps you could have your local branch members make them available to you and email them to me, candidate David Cunliffe and candidate John Key. I would of course make each and every one of them available to the public .

The question I have of the entire gang of Lions Clubs throughout New Zealand if this matter goes to court and the evidence is stacking up against you, will your membership underwrite, formally, any and all costs incurred by the ratepayers and taxpayers  of New Zealand ? Please remember there is an American component here as well and American lawyers are not inexpensive This could cost millions of dollars. Why should the taxpayer and ratepayer stump up for your inability to reign in an atrociously performing part of your supposed organisation. This has been like this for long enough and this rotten apple in your barrel shows the public the truth about what has happened to the rest of the barrel

When the Ohope Beach branch of the Lions Club International Incorporated failed to answer straight forward twice asked public questions, I formally tried the head office in New Zealand to no avail. Then onto the supposed parent body in Illinois, USA and there is this distinct silence when the Police become involved. I even tried candidate Keys golfing buddy Barrack. Would you like to see his reply? Candidate Tolley please go to the Whakatane Police Station with your local branch membership list, to aid the process, and make an Official Information Act request for the National Party members formal statements which the whole of New Zealand knows can be achieved in 37 minutes like a National Party aligned blogger can get. Being an obvious supporter of former cabinet colleague candidate Collins and the current Minister of Police you should be able to get an Official Information Act request fulfilled in less than 37 minutes. From my East Coast voter perspective I think the Prime Minister should accept your resignation to give you a chance to clear your name like your fellow candidate Collins.

For balance

What do you think fellow candidate Moana Mackey ? Cat got your tongue too like your now outed and accepted “rogue campaign manager” Anne Collins and former Labour Party Member of Parliament, my fellow Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch member, my fellow Labour Electorate Committee member and current Chairperson whom currently is experiencing literacy problems of convenience, as she has been asked formally via the Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch to repeat her statements of 10/6/2014. This request to my own branch was disappointedly not actioned by my own branch but “forwarded to the L E C Secretary” “phillippa braithwate” of the East Coast Labour Electorate Committee as far back as 26 July 2014. No minutes forthcoming at all ?? Come on fellow candidate Moana Mackey make a public statement or are you muzzled like the National Party’s Board of Directors ? So you want half a million bucks of taxpayers money and don’t want to make public statements before the election begs the question what you will be like after the election. Doubly muzzled? Image if candidate David Cunliffe was considering you for a cabinet post ?? From where I sit as a voter in the East Coast electorate you want the money without the accountability. The annual Conference of the Labour Party next year will be very very interesting

In my time as the then named Whakatane Branch Secretary (now named Eastern Bay of Plenty) all members of the branch and the Labour Electorate Committee were entitled to agendas and minutes but not anymore? The two Davids “DC” and “DP” have been formally asked to get these minutes but this ongoing literacy problem of convenience continues with this demonstrably improvable pair of my fellow New Zealand Party candidates It is a sad day in the history of the Labour Party when minutes are withheld from financial members is it not?

Additionally Deputy Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party we have uncompleted emails about “insurance” policy “Limitations” The people of Christchurch expect you to help them not maintain a code of silence.

The whole group of the senior M Ps were told about this forthcoming blog and sat on their hands. They cannot even use the reply button on their computers Isn’t that right Phil x 2, Annette, Grant, David S, Carole, Jacinda, 16 in total. Then my fellow candidate David Cunliffe publically states on 3 September 2014 “Labour will strengthen democracy” The entire NZ Council of the New Zealand Labour Party should be active here but I think they all must be asleep somewhere. I would like to have talked to this senior group of candidates but we have two groups of candidates within this campaign. No one actually knows whom exactly whom is actually in which? I did ask formally for this discerning practice to stop and for all candidates to be treated evenly. The formal reply was improvable to say the least

Additionally and formally candidate Mackey was asked to go to the “Rotorua Police Station” to assist the Police with their enquiries. For clarity an Official Information Act request upon which her name appears. Have you done that yet Labour candidate Mackey ? Official Information Act “Ref 14/5732” dated “Tuesday, 9 September 2014” The request is dated “07/07/2014”


This word “apology’’ comes up in correspondence to me from Moira Coatsworth President of the Council of the New Zealand Labour Party, dated 4/9/2014, plus there are some other relevant naming emails that exist but my lawyer in Central Otago knows to ring me when this “formal apology” arrives. Perhaps Davids x 2 and President Coatsworth could tell me and the New Zealand voters from whom this “apology” is vastly overdue from? . Lets avoid the possibility of it being another possible cabinet appointment. Time is of the essence and you will now surely be wishing it had been sent when it was first formally raised in my letter by email and by hand to candidate Cunliffe and by hand to President Coatsworth at the St Asaph Street breakfeast for candidate Cunliffe at which I sat with my back to the wall. Prevention is better than cure. Again many of the senior M P’s and candidates know about this “formal apology”

So you can see there is a distinct lack of law & order in our political gangs as well as in the Lions gang. There has been some flesh and blood spilt here on the Maraetotara Reserve and candidate Tolley can “watch” it at her leisure from her front window and applaud. I know because it was my flesh and blood People can be very brave with sharpened implements

I have had an appointment with retiring National M P Tony Ryall at which he simply advised he would not help when he realised his fellow local National Party members were involved

To candidate Tolley I await your resignation to give you time to clear your name, like fellow cabinet minister and still candidate Judith Collins and produce the formalised statements of your and M P Tony Ryalls fellow National Party members required of them by the N Z Police

Blog #9 12/9/2014

Gordon J Dickson a k a “No Nukes”


Authorised by Gordon John Dickson 6a Kidman Street Rolleston Canterbury New Zealand

E & O E

(I have had complaints about my spelling, grammar etc but I think the voting public can read what is going on here alright and time is of the essence. )

Get enrolled, particularly the young, get out and vote PLEASE Don’t let the National Party’s money buy your democratic rights

To the Rolleston Police You have a job to do Please refer to the oath you swore to and to protect the public

To the Lions Clubs senior team, control your members throughout N Z urgently and formally please with copy to me and candidates Keys and Cunliffe also