University of Canterbury Council Anti-democratic Election for Student Representative 2016 Blog 30

Blog #30 .          29/9/2015 Copy of letter sent to the Full Council of the University of Canterbury sent to Council members Jo Appleyard and Roderick Carr
“Messrs Jo Appleyard c/o Chapman Tripp, Catherine Drayton, Bruce Gemmell, Sue McCormack, Anthony Hall, Professor Roger Stokes, Malcolm Peterson-Scott, Ms Sarah Platt, Peter Ballantyne, John Wood, Warren Poh, Sascha McMeeking c/o Ngai Tahu, Roderick Carr et al
Being the full Council of the University of Canterbury 1845 p m 25/9/2015
90 Ilam Road

University of Canterbury Council Elections for Student Representative 2016


Re Candidate Mr J Addington

Dear Jo, Catherine, Bruce, Susan, Anthony, Roger, Malcolm, Sarah, Peter, John, Warren, Sacha, Roderick et al,
It has been brought to my attention that the above described fellow candidate had already started his election advertising to help his election chances earlier today.
This is an appalling anti-democratic behaviour designed to get votes as nominations only closed today at 1700 hours.
Please instruct candidate Addington to take down his advertising immediately
What sanctions exist to penalise this abuse of the democratic process please?
What Act of Parliament are these elections conducted under please?
Clearly candidate Addington has no respect for the reasonable expectation as to fairness requirements of an election of this serious nature and will surely want to withdraw his nomination. Please afford him this opportunity.
Could the University of Canterbury please obtain a legal opinion to ensure they are aware of their legal obligations now rather than later?
I await your email of acknowledgement and subsequent full explanation as to what you have actually done about the anti-democratic behaviour of candidate Addington
What proposals does Council now have to ensure a free and fair election?
Do you agree for a fair election to be held that all candidates must abide by the same rules?
Will you please hold another election and announce you are doing so immediately after your full council meeting?
Candidate Gordon J Dickson AAMINZ
2 Homestead Lane,
Christchurch Email”

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