University of Canterbury Council Election 2015 Blog 29

University of Canterbury Council Election 2015 Candidate Gordon Dickson Introduction Blog # 29
“Hello/Kia ora Voters,
I am an adult Kiwi law student from Ohope Beach and a self-employed Quantity Surveyor/Tour Guide. Father of 4 and enjoy fishing, hunting, four wheel driving, skiing, refereeing football and maintaining my own home and my Toyota Hilux Surf 4wd.

I offer to take minutes of the University Council meetings and report any student related issues promptly.
I would like to see if my fellow 14,000 students understand what the democratic process is about, are committed to it, what the word vote really means and to try and plead with them to get out and vote. Responsible adults vote. Please show me the student voters at U C are responsible
I don’t believe the current council members take the Health and Safety of the students seriously This is whereby suspended loads of demolition and construction materials are constantly swung over our heads whereas in the normal turn of events gantries would be provided by “Uncle Fletch” (Fletchers) and “Uncle Arnott” (Hawkins). Fletchers and Hawkins make the money condoned by the current council and you are exposed to unnecessary risk. In effect you are a consumable. I contacted “Uncle Fletch” by email and if you cup your hands you are looking at the reply.
Is the University any better prepared than when the earthquakes struck? If elected I would propose a full scale University evacuation. I was here for the February 2011 earthquake and the evacuation was a fiasco. Many of the building we sit in for our lectures have been badly damaged and do you trust insurance companies to have paid for a fit and proper repair?
The recent ” LOCK DOWN” of C Block that was designed to protect us and the students at other universities was a failure. The Armed Offenders squad brought a sieve to a cordon.
The race based policies promoted by the current university council must be shown for what they are. Blatant exposed racism which is just another form of apartheid really. All students should be treated the same no matter where you come from or what your race is.
The marking system is improvable and if you want to look with doubt at your degree as will employers vote for someone else. Degrees are being given away/handed out etc. Call it what you like
I have been extolled to provide my view on the following. When lectures are cancelled without explanation I believe a refund should be provided to your bank account within 24 hours.
The recent discovery that the U C Students Associations $6.2 million was not in their own bank account is appalling. Just another form of theft/white collar crime really by the current University Council.
The current council applauds false allegations against students from “firearm” issues to “surveillance” of students for a start.
Conflicts of interest abound here at U C including within the University Council itself e g Chancellor “Two pay packets” John Wood.
We need to debate the recent correspondence between myself and the Minister of Tertiary Education, Hon Stephen Joyce who is your responsible Minister, and the Minister of Justice Hon. Amy Adams
More as time permits
Gordon Dickson a k a “No Nukes”
Candidate for the University of Canterbury Council. 25/9/2015

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