Open letter to N Z Labour Party Member of Parliament for Port Hills Ruth Dyson 8/7/20105

Dear Fellow N Z Labour Party Candidate
During the last election at the “Paint the Town Red” auction in Christchurch a considerable sum of money was raised. My understanding is $42,000 and the view of the Selwyn Labour Electorate Committee whom constituted my Campaign Committee, is that the figure is around $32,000. Which is the correct figure please Ruth?
As to the distribution of this auction raised considerable sum. After the previous auction the proceeds were distributed evenly amongst each and every contributing electorate including the Selwyn electorate. Can I have your formal assurance that each and every electorate received the same amount this time please? The Selwyn Labour Electorate Committee via the office of the Chairperson have formally advised they will not answer correspondence about monies received or perhaps not received.
Labour has lost 800,000 votes over recent elections and the voters have shown their distrust of Labour repeatedly at the polls. Labour has been in opposition for a long time now. Additionally those bidding for the donated auction works had the reasonable expectation that the proceeds of the auction (in effect their money) would be shared fairly amongst those electorates contributing in terms of both funds and goods to be auctioned. Those donating the goods and services also had the reasonable expectation their contributions would be properly used. Labour relies heavily on donations of time and monies and all these people have the right to know that it is being used for the purposes it was intended for.
Please assure me that the funds were distributed evenly amongst ALL the electorates advising how much and upon what date thank you. It should not be lost on those reading this that N Z Council of the New Zealand Labour Party under the new leadership of Mr Nigel Haworth should have sorted this out and have waived the opportunity.
Gordon J Dickson. Life Member of the New Zealand Labour Party
Selwyn Electorate Candidate for the N Z Labour Party in the 2014 Elections
2 Homestead Lane Ilam Christchurch E. & O. E.