Blog # 13 Dunedin Export Lead Opportunity Lost 3/7/2015

To the residents of Dunedin I relatively recently took an overseas business venture, hired a “minder” to try and create some export lead jobs for my “lieu de naissance.” Using the view, that find someone that’s got a monopoly and get in on it. Plan “A” was to utilise local resources (you the residents of Dunedin looking for work), an existing operating factory, local materials available in abundance and the port. Found an opportunity worth exploring. However the management at 51 Forth Street don’t answer correspondence.
Tried to use the letters to the editor facilities at the ODT, in person, and that was a “Woftam” (Waste of f’in* time and money). From that can be concluded the editor controls what you are and are not informed about.
This is what happens when you sit idly by and watch your future determined by those outside you region and unaccountable persons. 10k down the gurgler.
Perchance it is time you Otago residents started smelling the coffee instead of drinking it!
Kia kaha Gordon
*= flippin
E. & O. E.