Merry Xmas from Menz Summit

Menz Summit wishes everyone a very merry Xmas, especially those fathers alienated from their own children .At a time of year when family connection is heightened and children seek reassurance that both parents are needed for their development, family devastation causes much difficulty. Father Xmas and his brothers are well aware of this tragedy.
In the New Year, such important issues concerning the welfare of men and boys will be raised at the Menz Summit 2020 on Friday 3rd April at the Glenview Club in Hamilton. Be sure to bring friends associates and women who are aware of harm caused to their brothers, uncles, fathers, boyfriends, and new husbands.
From 6:00pm on Thursday 2nd April, there will be a meet and greet in the Riverview. Room where the programme will happen the following day.
On Friday, the 3rd the speakers, workshops, videos, and discussions will be staged between morning and afternoon tea and lunch, Dinner and social fun will be optional.
On Saturday 4th is lunch, the pool tournament and Chiefs v Bulls rugby for those who choose.
Please inform others and post this on sites available. The full programme, registration, and further information will be available in the New Year.
See you there!

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