N Z Elections 2019 Local body – Voided or all good?

Hon D Parker, 22 October 2019
Attorney General & N Z Labour Party List Member of Parliament,
d.parker@ministers.govt.nz Phone +64 4 817 8710


Hello David,
I believe that early on Saturday morning 12 October 2019 the Otago Daily Times issued its newspaper advising voters that it was still possible to vote at the non-main Dunedin City Council complex in the Octagon Dunedin
This was much much later countermanded by the DCC election staff. The distribution and possible effect of this countermanding is unknown at this time
I believe this may have had the effect of preventing eligible voters from exercising their democratic rights
I believe there is only till this Friday for an appeal to be lodged
Please urgently have your staff investigate, produce a legal opinion, send it to me and all the candidates with due particularity so they can decide if there are enough grounds for an appeal to the District Court
Yours faithfully,

Gordon J Dickson, AAMINZ, MNZIQS & Co-Chair NCOMONZ
46 Gamma St
Email gjd748@uclive.ac.nz

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