CIV2017-009-331 MinofCourts&JusticeHonAdams


The Minister is being disingenuous when Hon Mrs Adams  in actual fact was being asked as a Candidate for her views in the election and during the election campaign time as well

How does one go about getting the transcript from Judge MACASKILL now?

I refer you to the word “Constitutionally” in paragraph two but here at the University of Otago where I am studying law and politics we have the situation whereby the Faculty of Law academia wont discuss constitutional matters with the students despite being told to do so by the Dean Mark Henaghan and instead repeatedly threaten students with being referred to the Proctor to be dealt with under the Code of Conduct Yes I do mean repeatedly Ask Faculty of Law staff person and lecturer Andrew Geddes in the first instance

Cant get the transcript,  my lawyer is suspended, cant discuss it with the Faculty of Law or the Politics division academia at Otago University, the candidate/Minister Adams wont help, Radio new Zealand wont cover the issue, “Lazy” Lloyd Burr doesn’t return messages, tried to tell Patrick Gower from Newshub to wake up and put two and two together (Even offered him the chance to make $50)

All I want is the transcript and then we will see if we can create some High Court case law relating to Meditations, EQC/Insurance company victims by avoiding litigation, Short Form of Consultant Engagement, get the Member of Parliament to supply the balance of the documents that the existing “exhibit” tells us exist   etc

Law or Lore We need the former and we get the latter.

Unless of course you contribute to my Givealittle page, help me meet my losses to date and I will spend the money trying to get this matter to the High Court   Every little helps Kiwis


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