Mayor Cadogan Toilets et al

Congratulations upon your election Mayor Cadogan but please get Council under your control and stick to your knitting For example how long does it take to organise a plumber to repair the public toilets off Barry Avenue One day, two days, three days, a week,? In the normal course of events the Council would have a contracted plumber and drain layer who would have to perform.
Our new Mayor is both a politician and a lawyer As I said to Andrew recently people don’t trust lawyers and politicians and this one just elected has got off to a “shithouse” and “auspicious” start.

This above displayed nonchalance hold me up and makes me late at work

As to Cromwell constantly being administered by Alexandra when we are truly the capital of Central Otago begs an explanation from the residents and voters Some will have two hats per se

We also need “Fresh Choice” in the supermarket realm Surely the Mayor should be able and willing to come out swinging on this score Which it needs to be pointed out is “New World” One Customers Nil
The Politician/Lawyers comments awaited with baited breath It is necessary to add that at well over the age of being able to purchase the drug alcohol I did offer “Legal Tender” recently, my prints were on the vessel and came away without my money and my thirst remains unquenched.  C’est la vie

No Nukes

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