University of Canterbury Elections Update UCpols and Council elections Blog #34

Fellow UC Pols Members at the University of Canterbury As always thank you to those whom put themselves forward for election in times where engagement with the younger voter is really low This is sad when you dont even want to take place in major decisions like your own “goddamn” future. You snooze you lose. The democratic process is supposed to be sacrosanct and it is well documented that the loss of some votes in Western Australia brought about another election at a cost of around $60 million Therefore would the executive please peruse and respond to my blog as someone whom was at the AGM and commented on Again I plead with you to accept the democratic process is supposed to be sacrosanct. Every one is entitled to have his or here vote cast and recorded accurately A very concerned UC Pols member

As to the requested information from the University of Canterbury under the Official Information Act and “LGOIMA”¬† in relation to the election of student representative on the Council itself. No response today. I next expect the part time Vice Chancellor Mr R Carr to expect the candidates and the 12,000 students to pay for this election information despite having been provided with plenty of money already and hand delivered too. All the while reserving the right to destroy the voting result data held by the Scrutineer and Counsel for the University Mr Donald McBeath of MDS Law in Addington.This shows how much this Council respects the democratic process. We are all taught in lectures that the intent of Parliament is that this information should be made readily available and the Minister should sack the Council¬† like ECAN and the Southern District Health Board It should never ever ever be forgotten that the candidates were informed formally the existing Council members would not enter into debate with any of the 7 candidates any one of whom could have been elected to sit alongside them for one year. More shame on the Council in a supposedly democratic country. To UC I ask release the information as it is in the best interests of democracy and will go someway to showing the public that what is taught in Law lectures is practiced by the University of Canterbury

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