Blog 32 11:35 a m 10/5/2015
University of Canterbury Student Representative on the “Full” Council Election Results
Hot of the Press
I have just been and asked Joanne X on the sixth floor for a copy of the University of Canterbury Election results for student representative seat on Council and been referred to the office of the combinedly roled University of Canterbury Registrar and Council Returning Officer Mr Jeffery Field and can confirm that “they are not available at this time”
The outcome of being referred to the office of the Registrar and Election Returning Officer Mr Jeffery Field, whom was in the company of another very mature balding European male, as at this time unidentified, despite the name of the “Scrutineer” having already been asked formally of the Chancellor J Woods more than long enough ago to have been provided with this information. Mr Field acknowledged that the results would be announced sometime and by email.
What I would have preferred to hear was that the records of the voting which is the subject of much correspondence with “Council” have not been destroyed. Another sad sad day for democracy in Aotearoa
As one of seven student “Candidates” awaiting the outcome for an electronic in most part election for which polling closed at 5:00 last Friday I feel like I am in Syria, Harare, Libya, the Square between the Red shirts and the Yellow shirts in Bangkok or Tahrir Square again. And still we await the Prime Ministers formally requested statements on this regime here at the University of Canterbury

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