University of Canterbury Students Association Election Blog # 2 of 1 Aug 2015 My blog # 16

Candidate James or potential “President two pay packets” # 2 in the imminent University of Canterbury Students Association Elections
1 I take solace from your words “I will look into Huntsoc”. I may well be in possession of more additional information as soon as the Chairman, oops Chairperson (sorry frauleins/damsels* etc) Geoff, Murray, Ross, Fiona & Rachel (being the balance of council members) of the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council respond to correspondence. See if you can find any minutes of meetings of the elusive and secretive Huntsoc executive. Which I believe to be of around ten members. See also my email 28/5/2015 to UCSA marked as “Inward Correspondence’’ Section “2” The President and the Presidents P A have it as a minimum.
2 In relation to your line 13 You clearly need to clean your ears out or learn to ask the Secretary and fellow members of the UCSA executive when you get the Agenda for the executive meetings this question
“Are all the received items titled “Inward Correspondence” included in the agenda section called “Inwards Correspondence”? Yes or no? Not hard really
3 Your line 17. You get Vice Chancellor Rodney to provide the answer about meetings with the Minister of Tertiary Education and correspondence (note “and correspondence”) with the Minister of Tertiary Education. You want my vote which to date comes with it the “two pay packets” and a possible “Degree” of certainty, the kudos on your C V or do you not. I ask voters to withhold their vote until James comes clean. Seems unlikely you can hide from social media. Time will tell. It is unequitable to come with dirt on your hands sir!
4 James and other law students etc. If you are of a mind please feel free to comment on my blog dated 23/6/2015. The University of Canterbury law school tutors and lecturers have failed to respond to this query with any enthusiasm or substance from a student on behalf of the victims of the earthquakes. Outside of class their voices are conspicuous by their silence. In fairness two members of the legal academia did pop their heads up above the parapets of the law school building but albeit briefly. Our Law school is out of step and touch with the the other University law schools (the exception being the University of Waikato and their Law school employee Margaret Wilson still has to finalise her viewpoint which is well overdue now!)
5 As to meeting with you Mmmph. My experience has been with politicians that often they say one thing one day and another the next day, hence maybe we can continue here for a while. I note with dismay you haven’t asked for my vote either From that I, and the balance of the voters can conclude you either don’t want my vote or are ambivalent/ nonchalant about it. Do we all want to able to call you “President Ambivalent” or “Nonchalant President (“Non-President” for short)? Which would you prefer candidate James?
6 Soon we will be able to move onto theft of students personal property by University of Canterbury staff/public servants or contractors. My initial thoughts are “public servants” for clarity.
7 Like “the Treaty” its about “compromise” and “partnership” and I need money to get an independent legal opinion on these possible Official Information Act/Local Government Official Information And Meetings Act/ Incorporated Societies Act/Health and Safety Act breaches by the University of Canterbury and the UCSA. But I will trade/partner with you as long as you are cut, paste and email keen/committed. Politics can be pretty basic. “Deal or no deal” potential UCSA President James Addington?
8 To James I say congratulations for popping your head up above the political parapet and to the victor goes the spoils but not “two pay packets” You will note my word stipend is in speech marks and therefore is a quotation. This from a letter from the University Council dated “ 9 July 2015”
Remember now you cannot put your head back down behind the political parapet till polling closes OK?
Perhaps the balance of the candidates have no voice????
9 *Online dictionary definition of “damsel”. “even regular unmarried Janes can be referred to as damsel” but I am not brave enough to rely upon a quote from an online “Uncle Google” dictionary and refer to my fellow female UCSA members as “regular”. We know our place. The intent is to get you motivated to vote and if it takes a careful balance of gender and humour then so be it.
Kia kaha
Gordon E & O E