Open Letter to the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce

Mr Peter Townsend
Chief Executive Officer
Canterbury Chamber of Commerce
Level 1 518 Colombo Street
(PO Box 359)
New Zealand 8140

0917am 2/9/2014

Dear Peter,


Thank you for the opportunity of attending yesterday’s lunch time meeting and hearing my party leader M P David Cunliffe.

I have been informed that today you will be hosting the National Party Candidate  J Key at Addington.

As I am not invited I took the precaution of asking your staff person whom asked questions of David about the “90 day” rule, a Leeann Watson, I believe, to ensure that John Key was asked in the light of the resignation of the Minister of Justice Judith Collins if he still has confidence in the Minister of Police Mrs Anne Tolley, also candidate for the East Coast electorate against Labours candidate and current list M P Moana Mackey.

Please ensure you do so without fail or formerly advise me of the reasons for your failure to do so.

To fail to do this may well bring the Association into disrepute Peter and the voters may come to consider the Association is showing political bias. Something I am sure at this time your membership will wish to avoid.

There will be attendees including media representatives today whom know you will have been asked to ask this very very basic question of the National Party leader and candidate given one Cabinet Minister has resigned already so far.

I note yesterday a gentleman whom introduced himself as a candidate for the National Party was present and he was also asked to ask this question of the National Party leader John Key today.

Please ensure me that a candidate for the N Z Labour Party has also been invited to today’s event to ensure balance in your Associations actions and advise me whom he or she is please.

Of Leeann I ask her to repeat her question of David so I can pass it on for comment by our spokesperson on employment. I did ask her to join me publically and repeat her statement about the 90 day rule and about the worth of the Associations espoused views but she declined from which the voters can conclude the association may or may not support her contentions which from my experience are very very misleading. Sad to see your employees lacking the courage of their convictions.

I await your acknowledgement and confirmation that the very basis question will be asked of the Prime Minister.

For clarity “Does the Prime Minister still have confidence in his Cabinet Minister of Police, National Party candidate for East Coast Electorate, current M P, Mrs Anne Tolley of Ohope Beach in the Bay of Plenty and if not why not?”

Thanks again for the invitation yesterday, the lunch and splendid coffee Peter.

Gordon J Dickson

New Zealand Labour Party Candidate for the Selwyn Electorate in the 2014 New Zealand Parliamentary Elections

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