Selwyn Primary School Additional Land Request

To the pair of Selwyn Electorate  voters that proffered by email me their vote  I advise as follows (First time blog)

Natalie of the Electoral Commission has confirmed in the last couple of days that my $300 deposit has been received and my details are in accordance with the legal niceties. I am now officially  a  Candidate for the New Zealand Labour Party for the Selwyn Electorate
I meet the Mayor of the Selwyn District Council  at the Rolleston Residents Association meeting chaired by a gentleman (whom it turns out is also on the Rolleston Primary School Board of Trustees as well )  and Mayor Cole  confirmed to me that he would be making available the Land  Valuations to me  next week and hence I would hand immediately over to the Principal of the school and enable the Rolleston Primary School Board of Trustees to assess the position in the financial sense This was very much their stated concern  in the recent circulated document signed by both the Board Chairperson and the Principal  This would  enable  the Board of Trustees  to see if in some way it could  make this logical addition of land to the children’s  playing area  happen. Much of the current play area  will be gobbled up by additional buildings.  Mayor Cole  additionally confirmed he would not be requiring this information to be subject to a Local Govt Information Act request. I took the precaution of having the Mayor   reiterate this wonderful information  to the gentleman with the above  described combined role straight away  (like immediately).  I am confident he would have relayed this information to the Board and it would be recorded in the minutes of which you will have a copy (or at least know where to get them  )

The next day I  formally  informed  the Mayor that I would be calling by the Council next Wednesday to collect what he had proffered to be available .To my dismay I received formal (text) advise that the Mayors  position had changed without any explanation two days later.

I subsequently formally asked to be invited  to attend the next Rolleston Primary Board of Trustees Additionally I  rang and spoke to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees whom agreed to drop by my office next time in “Rolly” I am confident she will do so soon

I additionally asked for 3 minutes speaking time at the next Board of Trustees meeting  in my email This email remains unanswered at time of writing

Do I get the two votes for this attempt ?

Gordon J Dickson N Z  Labour Party Rolleston

p s it is with regret that I advise you repeated attempts to raise the Labour profile/message  have been met with no success with the Press and CTV  Hence the blog