“Settled Caucus”, Andrew Little LLB/ N Z Labour Party’s Ruling Council

Forgive me if I am mistaken but did Andrew Little LLB not tell the N Z public, voters and Party Members alike that he had a “settled Caucus” Seems what he said then is  not what has transpired with first Phil Goff,  David Shearer, David Cunliffe and with no public statements from the Party’s ruling Council telling the public, voters and party members alike that this is the final resignation.
We are in opposition and have been for almost a decade now We need new ideas and those coming from the Sector Councils must be listened to from now on and not ignored as has been the practice in the past
As can be seen from below Jacinda Ardern has no comment to make on the “Rules of Natural Justice”

Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty and another year with little change

To my fellow Ohope Beach residents, Ohope Chartered Club Inc. members  and visitors

1 Myself , the NZ Police department in Whakatane and surely my fellow Ohope Chartered Club Incorporated members, including my fellow “Foundation Member”s all await the outcome of the committees unnecessarily and unjustly delayed deliberations after yet another incident of absolutely appalling, witnessed by four, threatening behaviour. Alcohol is purely and simply a drug being peddled from the currently licensed premises and causes lots of problems in our community including domestic violence and hardship amongst children in Ohope Beach

It is high time the “Foundation” members stepped up to the acting club official of an unclear status and member Trevor Hart, the other current committee members and said surely you are doing all you can to help the N Z Police with their enquiries. Apathy is not the answer.

The truth will out


2 It is also high time the Ohope Beach Lions Club International Incorporated re-provided the N Z  Police with copies of their numerous statements relating to their blood letting behaviour on the Maraetotara Reserve. It is not to hard to press print or make a photocopy. You are or were a service group. Now it is known the N Z Police have “inadvertently” lost (or cant/don’t want to  find) your many statements not once but twice then you also must want to be seen to be helping the N Z Police with their enquiries.

3 It is also not appropriate that our National Party Cabinet Minister Mrs Anne Tolley utilises the Maraetotatara Reserve for access for residential dwelling construction works involving tradies vehicles and material deliveries. Still more reason not to trust our Members of Parliament.

M P Anne should lead by example not exhibition.

Anne you have been twice challenged to debate with me in the Ohope Hall and at best you can be described as cowering away

4 Currently an application is with a legally funded “Foundation” so we can see for all times if our Mayor Anthony Bonne can be forced to plead to criminal charges  relating to his election success. The legal opinion from the Crown law office is nigh due also. He should just do the right thing but has been asked by me to resign and wont.

Those whom continually vote for Mayor Bonne should have a good long look at yourselves in the mirror


5 I contested the last Parliamentary Election for Labour in the Selwyn Electorate and compared to the two no win opportunities in the 1990’s it was “filthy” and once my “status” has been resolved within the New Zealand Labour Party’s Constitutional arrangements involving my fellow party members Geoffrey Palmer, Paul Tolich as well as two other “LLB’s” so all members are treated the same and Caucus members including the M P for Hutt South Trevor Mallard (and many others)  are not treated differently, perchance another attempt is on the cards? I told Andrew Little when we meet at the University of Canterbury to clean out his “settled” Caucus or I would do it for him. As can be seen they are jumping before being pushed.

The world is changing both environmentally and politically

Time to make up your mind Do you want to be a winner like Donald or a loser like Hillary?

“No Nukes”, Ohope Chartered Club Incorporated “Foundation Member # 428”  and NZ Labour Party Member # 450393 since the 1980″s


Tipping in N Z and Gerry Seinfield’s forthcoming visit

Evening I Caught most of an interview with Gerry Seinfeld on the “Teeve” and what I would ask the lady interviewer to do is to go and visit the hard working people of the tourism industry in the Ford Block in Rotorua and after listening to them she may have a change of mindset and advocate for tipping and not do anything less like now Then go and put those advocating for not tipping, including those who have been formally doing so, in the same venue as these same low paid workers and watch the result. Why are we shackled in this country with such a continuing low standard of “Lazy” media

Cromwell – Central Otago – Private Hospital?

Private Hospital for Cromwell? 10 November 2016
Might I suggest the idea of a private hospital in Cromwell now well established as the pivot point for Central Otago from whence the tentacle like road network arteries spread out and hence can justifiably be deemed the undisputed “Capital of Central Otago”
Perhaps with the formation of a charity which is a simple task, the candidates in the Central Lakes Trust elections can give their election pledges as to whether they would vote justifiable sums of money in the direction of this noble and health orientated cause.
Imagine if you will the various specialists visiting, examining and then operating locally. Remembering always “the customer is always right.”
Local land, local ownership, local tradies and local people utilising the service
Seems like a win win win win situation to me so what do each and every one of the candidates namely Allison, Michael John Richards; Butcher, Duncan Athol; Carruth, Stephen Grant; Claridge, Lynley; Duggan, Elizabeth Ada; Hall, Judith Frances; Hill, James Richard; Kemp, Herbert Charles; Mead, Peter John; Milne, Paul Stanley; Nisbet, Gordon Arthur; Spary, Robert Donald; Symons, Susan Elizabeth think please?
No Nukes
Cromwell Resident

Mayor Cadogan Toilets et al

Congratulations upon your election Mayor Cadogan but please get Council under your control and stick to your knitting For example how long does it take to organise a plumber to repair the public toilets off Barry Avenue One day, two days, three days, a week,? In the normal course of events the Council would have a contracted plumber and drain layer who would have to perform.
Our new Mayor is both a politician and a lawyer As I said to Andrew recently people don’t trust lawyers and politicians and this one just elected has got off to a “shithouse” and “auspicious” start.

This above displayed nonchalance hold me up and makes me late at work

As to Cromwell constantly being administered by Alexandra when we are truly the capital of Central Otago begs an explanation from the residents and voters Some will have two hats per se

We also need “Fresh Choice” in the supermarket realm Surely the Mayor should be able and willing to come out swinging on this score Which it needs to be pointed out is “New World” One Customers Nil
The Politician/Lawyers comments awaited with baited breath It is necessary to add that at well over the age of being able to purchase the drug alcohol I did offer “Legal Tender” recently, my prints were on the vessel and came away without my money and my thirst remains unquenched.  C’est la vie

No Nukes

The Rules of Natural Justice

Dear Jacinda Adhern List Labour Party M P.
With the recent announcement that you are now the New Zealand Labour Party’s spokesperson on Justice
1. Please tell the voters and the public at large what you consider to be the Rules of Natural Justice?
2 Your view on access to justice would also be welcome at this time
Thanks in anticipation Jacinda

Tourism Industry Hygiene & Tipping

To those in supervisory positions please ask your staff to stop the practice of handing our tourism industry customers their drinks with their grubby paws  spreadeagled around the top  rim of the glass

Secondly Please let us actively promote the acceptability of tipping as tourism industry pays rares are not that great

University of Canterbury Elections Update UCpols and Council elections Blog #34

Fellow UC Pols Members at the University of Canterbury As always thank you to those whom put themselves forward for election in times where engagement with the younger voter is really low This is sad when you dont even want to take place in major decisions like your own “goddamn” future. You snooze you lose. The democratic process is supposed to be sacrosanct and it is well documented that the loss of some votes in Western Australia brought about another election at a cost of around $60 million Therefore would the executive please peruse and respond to my blog as someone whom was at the AGM and commented on gordondicksonblogtown.co.nz Again I plead with you to accept the democratic process is supposed to be sacrosanct. Every one is entitled to have his or here vote cast and recorded accurately A very concerned UC Pols member

As to the requested information from the University of Canterbury under the Official Information Act and “LGOIMA”  in relation to the election of student representative on the Council itself. No response today. I next expect the part time Vice Chancellor Mr R Carr to expect the candidates and the 12,000 students to pay for this election information despite having been provided with plenty of money already and hand delivered too. All the while reserving the right to destroy the voting result data held by the Scrutineer and Counsel for the University Mr Donald McBeath of MDS Law in Addington.This shows how much this Council respects the democratic process. We are all taught in lectures that the intent of Parliament is that this information should be made readily available and the Minister should sack the Council  like ECAN and the Southern District Health Board It should never ever ever be forgotten that the candidates were informed formally the existing Council members would not enter into debate with any of the 7 candidates any one of whom could have been elected to sit alongside them for one year. More shame on the Council in a supposedly democratic country. To UC I ask release the information as it is in the best interests of democracy and will go someway to showing the public that what is taught in Law lectures is practiced by the University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury “U C Pols” Executive Election on Campus today Blog # 33

UC Pols (the Political Society here at the University of Canterbury) election today saw no bloodletting on the floor but votes were cast and at least one cast aside. Raises the possibility of even more ? Again again and again we find voting irregularities and already one re-held election here at the University. Have a guess what the white object is on the floor in the foreground  of the below photograph is ? Where it should have been is in the hands of the vote counters  but was it?  Begs the question what happens now. Yet another election! Every vote is important n’cest pas?  Seems the current theme of re-held elections will continue. On one hand the people of Canterbury dont get a vote when it comes to a Regional Council, simply fixed in my view,  and here they are at UC disregarding and discarding them. I am confident the attendees at today’s election from both the University of Canterbury Students Association’s current Executive ( a very senior law abiding one to I might add) and the “LICE” scrutineer (set up  for monitoring elections here at U C)  whom was both present and highly visible at the election  will have plenty to say.

P S It would be disingenuous to say in relation to the last election (the third one ) when if one examines the documents available to date one was all that was necessary. Yeah I know. I am awaiting a response from the University of Canterbury Council’s  Vice Chancellor R Carr to an Official Information Request of some considerable time ago now relating to the election and despite the fact that they have the money, well over one hundred dollars,  in advance and it will only take ten minutes to do a simple cut, paste and send I still await this simple request to be complied with. This is the second one and the first is with the Ombudsman. The first partial response had almost 60 blacked out areas in just a very few pages. Unless that is they decide to involve “Counsel”  again. This Counsel   has the dual role of “Counsel” and the “Scrutineer”  and has been asked not to “destroy” the voting results despite the Council saying to the candidates and voters  they will. The longer we all wait for the Official Information  Act Response Numbered “15-55 ” and more than enough time has past (I should be getting interest) the greater the opportunity exists for the University to destroy the  “raw” voting data. It could be suggested that if the Counsel for the University is needed to help re examine this election then he would have to stand down because it wont look good jumping from the floor of the court room into the witness box answering a question put by himself on behalf of U C and then jumping back out onto the floor of the court room to ask himself another question repeated as necessary! The successful candidate is also asked to comment but please tell us which of the two hats you have you are wearing when you respond

Disclaimer I have received a formal expression of concern that I have failed to “unidentify” myself from the New Zealand Labour Party and hence, this, in my humble opinion as a Life Member of the New Zealand Labour Party, disclaimer.  It is akin to saying Richie doesn’t belong in the “All Backs”. As a result of this three of us are now about to face the wrath of the special “Constitution Sub Committee” of which only two have the right to appear???

Democracy or what?

“No Nukes” and UCPOLS Member and Voter

E & O E